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Sce Foucard et Fils
34, route de Saint-Émilion
33570 Puisseguin
Téléphone :05 57 51 11 40 et 06 76 41 82 26
Email :

Vineyard of 11 ha acquired in 1937, with a clay-limestone soil, 79% Merlot, 12% Cabernet-Sauvignon and other grape varieties, vines of 25 years.
Great success with this Puisseguin Première 2015, with very structured tannins, nose dominated by ripe blackcurrant, violet and humus, spicy and persistent mouth, a wine that has ample and very fine tannins at the same time. Excellent 2014, with rich and tasty tannins, very fragrant (ripe, spices…), combining power and finesse, fat and intensity. Taste the 2015 Puisseguin-Saint-Émilion, with hints of blackberry and cinnamon, of sustained colour, with the nose of cooked fruits and humus, and the Lalande-de-Opomerol Château de Musset cuvée Première, with a persistent and full-bodied bouquet marked by very ripe red fruits, seduced by its structure and well-melted tannins.



Yannick et Andrea Le Menn
1, Saint-Clair
33570 Puisseguin
Téléphone :05 57 74 66 82
Email :
Site :
Site :

At the top. These friendly owners convent their small vineyard of 6 ha planted on croups and plateau of clay-limestone structure. “I am very careful about the selection of my barrels,” says Yannick Le Menn, “because I think that breeding is quite an art. I work with three different coopers, the oaks come from the center of France, the wood from state forests is of good quality, the cutting and repopulation work is well done. I prefer medium-heated barrels, this allows not to distort the wine but instead to bring it a touch of complexity. Our two sons work in the wine industry. Thanks to them, we work more precisely, more accurately in the determination of nitrogen, for example. For some years now, the Château Haut Saint-Clair has been forbidden to put on anti-surriture products because we realize by doing analyses of residues, that the anti-pourritures migrate to the wines.
I really like finding the fruit in my wines, I don’t like the tannins in power, I like that my wine is balanced, I try not to extract too much. I studied viticulture in Burgundy in Beaune, and my teacher, André Vedel, called it “handkerchief wines”.

For the amateurs, tells us Yannick Le Menn, I have some 2006, 2008,
2012 and 2014. The 2006 is extraordinary, Canada took a lot of them from us, nearly 5,000 bottles. A mature wine from temperate climates gives a nice balance, well present but fresh aromas, a certain suppleness, silky.
The 2014 is the vintage saved by a superb month of September, a success after 2013 when we had some setbacks. The 2014 is well melted, aromas of grapes, a nice structure, the wine is fleshy, pleasant, not too many woody notes. Wine of great finesse, it is due to the fact that I tend to work more fruit than wood, it is very nice to taste now but it can age for a few more years.
The 2015 is a warmer vintage, very dark color, with aromas of ripe black fruits, a very robust wine, it is a solar vintage that pleases a lot, a little exuberant and complex.
The 2016 is aged in barrels currently, I opted for barrels with “plus” heating, it is a great vintage, I find it superior to 2015, beautiful aromatic freshness of red fruits, a lot of elegance, beautiful balance, a typical Bordeaux wine, “Atlantic”, as I like them.
As for our Moulin Saint Clair, it is the cuvée of all the vines, which also benefits from a passage in barrels to give it these notes of toasted, it is a very fruity wine, round, with a beautiful soft structure.

We are always at the top with their 2015 Puisseguin-Saint-Émilion, fleshy and oily, complex and subtle nose, dominated by the macerated cherry, with these persistent notes of smoke, ripe cherry and pepper on the palate, with ample tannins, a full wine, to keep. The 2014 is very balanced, wide mouth where dominate the ripe fruits (plum, raspberry), pretty purple color, a wine that combines flexibility and structure, that can be combined, including braised beef with carrots or veal rognonnade. Very beautiful 2012, fleshy, very tasty, with notes of currant and humus characteristics, which combines a tannic finesse with a roundness in the mouth persistent, of a finish with these notes of smoke and strawberry from the overmature woods. Exceptional 2006, all in the mouth, which has nuances of fruit from the woods and gibberish notes, tasty, ample, very slightly peppery in the finish, with rich tannins, a wine where the elegance is fully expressed.
Taste their Moulin Saint-Clair 2015, which reveals notes of violet and blackberry, rich in color, classic, combining finesse and structure, a wine all fruity, very seductive. Tasty 2014, with the nose of small red fruits, with melted tannins but well present, a rich and very aromatic wine, of a beautiful harmony.



Nicole Roskam-Brunot
2, Cantenac - RD 670
33330 Saint-Émilion
Téléphone :05 57 51 35 22
Email :
Site :
Site :

Nicole Roskam--Brunot and her sons, 4th generation, continue their expertise with passion. This year celebrates their 80th anniversary at the head of Château Cantenac, a beautiful family history! Take the time to discover the beautiful wines of their estates and meet them. “For wine, we no longer use weeds between the rows at all, ploughing, planting at 6600 feet per hectare for better competition… , this means more work because there are more feet, yields are better controlled, and all these efforts are logically part of our qualitative approach.”
For Johan Roskam, “the 2018 vintage looks very promising. Following the beautiful but very low harvest 2017, we had a lot of expectations for the 2018 vintage. It is clear that the 2018 vintage exceeded all our hopes in both quality and quantity, despite a start to the season that required constant attention.
After a typical Bordeaux wet winter, the growing season was warm and sunny. The seasonal temperature, which was above average, led us to early harvest, sunny and particularly dry. This end of the season has left us free to choose our parcel harvest to achieve optimal maturities. From the first days of winemaking, my brother Franz immediately noticed and knew how to exploit the very dark juices, with beautiful aromas of ripe fruit, wines rich in becoming. Today 2018 is improved in barrels.
The wines for sale: 2014, excellent at tasting, without constraints. Very good vintage charmeur, fine, all in harmony, wine of good guard. The 2015 is already very good but will be even better after a few years of aging, great vintage, rich, dark, structured, very complete, very nice guard. The 2016, is a wine that begins to discover, a great vintage also very fruity, very good balance, beautiful freshness in the mouth, a beautiful classicism and good typicity, very great guard.
We will put the 2017 in an anniversary bottle: 80th vintage/year of the family at Château Cantenac, present since 1937. On the occasion of our 80th anniversary, we are creating new labels to look to the future. We always organize numerous events as well as visits/tastings, the Great Hours of Saint-Émilion concert, Unesco’s 20th anniversary celebration, Open Doors…. “
We are unquestionably under the charm of their Saint-Émilion GC 2015, terroir of sand on graves and blue clay, 75% Merlot and 25% Cabernets, it is really remarkable, where blend the flavors of undergrowth and overripe fruit, particularly charming, fine and colorful, a wine with tasty tannins, slightly spicy on the palate as it should be, well fleshy, very promising.
Superbe 2015, Platine au Decanter World Wine Awards 95 pts Meilleur Bordeaux Rive Droitehas a deep and dense colour, violin reflections, beautiful tears, an expressive, elegant nose, made of ripe fruit on a background of toasted oak, crazies, sweet spices. The attack is wide, the mouth full with a solid frame, intense in dark ripe fruits, refreshing. A harmonious and powerful ensemble in the line of the great wines of guard.
The 2014, Féminalise Gold Medal, is a beautiful deep garnet colour, with aromas of red fruits with smoky and liquoriced notes, where elegance, balance of tannins and persistence are in harmony.
The Madame Selection 2015, Silver Medal Competition of Bordeaux, of beautiful dark garnet hue, with this nose of spices and red fruits with very ripe stone, is a well robust wine, perfumed in mouth, with well present tannins but silky.
The 2014, IWC Bronze Medal, rather deep ruby colour, bright, has a clean, elegant and nuanced nose of ripe red fruits (strawberry, raspberry, cherry), blackberry, liquorice, with silky material that displays a nice structure on a seductive finish.
There is also the excellent Haut-Médoc Cru Bourgeois Château La Lauzette 2015, it is dense, with nuances of smoke and strawberry from ripe woods, intense, of sustained colour, with a slightly spicy nose (pink pepper), with well present tannins, excellent guard.



Famille Boidron

33330 Saint Emilion
Téléphone :05 57 51 64 88
Email :
Site :

At the top, this vintage combines elegance and typicity.
“The 2018 harvest is exceptional,” explains Emmanuel Boidron, “no disease in our vineyard, so no impact on the quality of the wines. Thanks to our exceptional terroirs, which are silty but with sand and gravel, therefore very draining, we have an excellent maturity of Cabernet francs, which is not negligible, knowing that the vineyard is composed of 30%!”
We propose 2015, an ideal year, we were able to harvest à la carte, we walked around and took its time because the climate was extremely mild, and, thus, we were able to let the grapes mature at their own pace. We obtained a very nice vintage, a very concentrated wine, with well preserved fruit aromas.
We increase respect for the environment, we continue not to use weeds, we have eliminated all dangerous synthetic products by replacing them with natural products that are essentially copper and sulphur-based. We have grown to 100% tillage in all Boidron vineyards, whether in Corbin Michotte, Calon or Cantelauze. “
Superbe Saint-Émilion GC 2015, a great wine of garnet color, with very balanced tannins, with a subtle nose dominated by small red fruits with stone and spices, a wine rich in color and aromas, with notes of fruit macerated in the final, of tasty mouth, of guard.
The 2014, beautiful purple dress, complex on the nose as in mouth (cherry, spices, pepper), classic, is typed as we like, with firm tannins and melted at the same time. The 2013 is particularly harmonious, very elegant, with a bouquet dominated by humus and small fresh red fruits, ample mouth, very classic.
Beautiful 2012, with this nose of overmatured cherry, a wine that is complex, with well balanced tannins, of a real and persistent richness, with notes of cooked plum, Finely peppered, ideal with veal paupiettes in cocotte or a rib of beef wine merchant. Formidable GCC 2009, a great wine marked by elegance, very typical, with the nose of humus and spices, combining richness and finesse in the mouth, colorful and fleshy, with powerful and supple tannins at the same time, which is starting to taste remarkably now, to be expected on a rack of lamb or duck magrets with porcini mushrooms. The 2008 is very typical, very specific of this great classic vintage from Bordeaux, of intense purple color, with tasty tannins, very scented, combining fat and intensity, a generous wine, with this seductive mouth dominated by stone fruits and cinnamon. The 2007, is robust palate, beautiful material, with hints of cherry, undergrowth and spices, with very rich tannins, a velvety wine where elegance is expressed, really remarkable today.
You will also love their Montagne-Saint-Emilion Château Calon 2012, clay-limestone soil on limestone at asteria, a wine at the top of its appellation, very typical, at the complex connotations of cherry, plum and undergrowth, which has ripe tannins, velvety and ample mouth. And this Pomerol Château Cantelauze 2012, Merlot 90%, Cabernet franc 10%, all in color and material, with a subtle nose dominated by persistent scents of smoke, humus and black cherry, ample mouth, guard.



Elisabeth et Jean-Pierre Toxé - Vignoble Marcel Petit
2 la Rouchonne
33330 Vignonet
Téléphone :05 57 40 33 03
Email :
Site :

La Scea des Vignobles Marcel Petit, was created in 1986 by Marcel Petit with the acquisition of the Château Pillebois in Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux. Since 1988, the company has been enriched with the Châteaux Franc Lartigue and Grande Rouchonne (Saint-Émilion), then, in 1997, the management of the vineyards is entrusted to Élisabeth and Jean-Pierre Toxé, respectively daughter and son-in-law of Marcel Petit. The terroir is composed of sand and gravel, the soils are worked every other row, the other rows being engazonned. Field in qualitative approach while respecting the environment (certification HVE 3 - ISO 1401).
Jean-Pierre Toxé talks about “a beautiful harvest 2018, a nice homogeneous harvest. We offer many vintages, the last of which is 2016. It has a stronger tannic structure, well dosed, it is elegant with aromas of blackberry and blackcurrant. He won a gold medal at the 2018 Mâcon Competition.
We offer for sale, for the Château Franc Lartigue, the 2013 to 2016 vintages, and for the Château Pillebois in old vines, the 2014 to 2016 vintages and the 2016 tradition, which won a gold medal at the Concours Agricole de Paris 2018.”
You will enjoy this Saint-Émilion GC 2015, from vines of 42 years, assemblage of 70% of Merlot and equal parts of Cabernets Franc and Sauvignon, 12 months in barrels including 1/3 of new barrels, with scents of humus and ripe blackcurrant, a wine full of mouth and fondue, oily and persistent, rich in aromas (black cherry, leather, undergrowth) as in structure. The 2014, has a clear cherry red color, develops a cherry nose but also aromas of blackcurrant and peony and a fresh mouth with melted tannins. Very nice 2013, all round, beautiful aromatic nuances (black cherry, cinnamon), all seductive.
Nice Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux Vieilles Vignes Château Pillebois 2015, of a beautiful color, full-bodied, with a dominant of red fruits and a hint of smoke.




33330 Saint-Émilion
Téléphone :05 57 55 10 55
Email :
Site :

It was in 1998 that the Sioen family bought the property and worked to restore its reputation. The Marzelle is spread over a superb terroir of gravel, clay and sand: the Haute Terrasse de Saint-Emilion, which was formed 2 million years ago at the Lower Pleistocene by the Isle which flowed from here to the Dordogne. Hence the explanation of the tapered pebbles. An organic orientation has been taken since 1988, with the use of copper, sulfur, calcium and herbal teas.
Superb Saint-Émilion GCC 2016, a wine of intense garnet color, complex on the nose as in the mouth, distinguished, with connotations of candied cherry and humus, which has ample and dense tannins, of course, of guard. The 2015, is a beautiful wine fleshy, spicy, silky mouth, rich and robust, a concentrated wine, with firm tannins and tasty at the same time, with a nice finish slightly peppery, of great evolution. The 2014, is intense garnet color, deep nose and complex with notes of red fruits (cherry) and a slightly smoky side. On the palate, the tannins are already melted, the fruits are very present with a slightly woody touch and perfectly melted. The 2013, marked by black fruits, full mouth, ample and velvety, of a beautiful concentration, is all in charm.


Château CLOS des PRINCE

Marie-Christine et Gilles Prince
68, rue Emmanuel Roy (Lieu-dit Ferrandat Sud 33330 St-Laurent-des-Combes)
33420 Branne
Téléphone :05 57 84 64 14 et 06 76 81 04 11
Email :
Site :

A vineyard of 4 ha, on siliceous and deep sands and iron filth in the basement, with an average age of the vines of 48 years (80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet franc). The monitoring of the vineyard is permanent in order to preserve the soil as much as possible and to respect the vines. Size, a fundamental element of quality, is precise and thus limits yields, a guarantee of excellence. In the cellar, we apply the same concern for perfection and modernity mastered. Manual harvest in crates, severe sorting, conveyor belts and vibrating tables for a wine-making plot, part of which is realized in "integral vinification", a practice that confers to the wine a silky and delicate elegance.

“The harvest in 2018, Gilles Prince tells us, took place in optimal conditions, everything was there: warmth, brightness, which gave a very voluminous wine with a lot of precision, a very interesting fruit intention, a structured wine, similar to the 2009, 1969, 1947 vintage. On the farm, a nice maturity, a nice balance, a lot of crunch, a lot of sparkle. Our sales in 2019 are on the 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 vintages.”

You will enjoy this beautiful Saint-Émilion GC 2016, with notes of spices, candied cherry, blackberry and violet, well structured and oily on the palate, it is ample, very good evolution. In the line, the 2015, of deep ruby color, ample and frank in mouth, silky tannins, a wine that delivers powerful aromas of well ripe red fruits, fleshy, with spicy nuances on the palate. The 2014 is a wine of beautiful garnet colour, delivering aromas of spices and cooked fruits, powerful and voluminous on the palate, of beautiful evolution.
Excellent cuvée Offrande du Château Clos des Prince 2012, blending structure and fleshy, with aromas of ripe red fruits, of a beautiful length, ideal with a veal fillet in a ceps crust or a beef with sweet and sour.



Guy, Alain et Joël Appollot
3, Trimoulet
33330 Saint-Émilion
Téléphone :05 57 24 71 96
Email :
Site :
Site :

At the top. Strong personality, the brothers Appollot, Alain and Joël, continue to apply the same philosophy as their father, Guy Appollot. Winemakers who adapt to their terroir and know how to make the best possible wine, thanks to the anticipation, the sense of observation and their great experience. Each year, they try to draw the quintessence of the vintage, with humility, fading away before Nature, who remains queen. The Domaine is HVE level 3 certified.
vintage 2018: very nice summer, nice after-season which gave us a very good maturity, 2018 is a very nice vintage which is aged in barrels for 12 to 14 months,” says Alain Appollot. The Cabernets were very nice, the Merlots very silky, the wine is very concentrated.
2017 vintage: we harvested a small quantity because of the spring frost, but what was harvested was of very nice quality that gives a vintage quite classic.
We market our 2016. It’s an excellent vintage, dense and tasty. The grapes were very ripe. The very nice late season had a major impact, the wines have a lot of concentration, they are rich with powerful tannins but not dominant, it is the silky side that dominates, they are very pleasant wines.
Château Chevalier Saint-Georges 2015 and 2016 are in the same vein as Clos Trimoulet with different breeding times. The breeding is a little shorter for Chevalier Saint-Georges, this allows it to keep a more winemaking, more fruity character.
In recent years, we have had a very nice series of vintages. I notice that it is often the end of August that makes the quality of the vintage. We now have a lot of sun in September and until the beginning of October, we can pick very nice grapes at full maturity. We always try to do better from year to year, to adapt to the vintage to bring out the best!”
You will delight yourself with their Saint-Émilion GC 2015, very fragrant (humus, ripe cherry), combining color and material, very good mouth, with connotations of blackcurrant and black pepper, a beautiful finish finely spicy, a wine of excellent evolution.
“The 2015 is a fleshy vintage,” continued Alain Appollot, who is structured and has good potential as a caretaker that will have to be aged to really appreciate it. It is very typical of Saint-Émilion, it is a very nice vintage with finesse and elegance. Well-present aromas of red and even black fruits, very pretty deep color. “
The 2014 Gold Medal, with a delicate nose, combining power and finesse, a beautiful deep purple colour, shades of violet and truffle, a great harmony, severe, generous to the taste buds. The 2013, Bordeaux Silver Medal, is tasted perfectly, deep ruby colour, generous, a wine persistent on the nose as in mouth, all in finesse, fine tannins, connotations of ripe blackcurrant and truffle in final. The 2012 Bordeaux Gold Medal, colorful and very fragrant, with a nice concentration in the mouth, has notes of red fruits and liquorice, a well fleshy wine, with silky tannins but very rich. The 2011, also Gold Medal Bordeaux, is excellent, fragrant (humus, cherry, blackberry), all in mouth, with ample tannins, complex nose (violet, strawberry of the woods), is very warm. Superb 2010 (Silver Medal), a wine of a very beautiful concentration, very elegant and a beautiful finesse, very balanced, with aromas of very ripe fruits (black fruits), it is really balance and finesse that dominate.
At the top of its appellation also, their Montagne-Saint-Émilion Château Chevalier Saint-Georges 2016, a beautiful deep ruby color, with aromas of ripe red fruits, spices and vanilla, it is a full wine, with a remarkable balance in the mouth, with a lot of flexibility. The 2015, exudes a complex nose dominated by fresh fruits, with nuances of spices and truffle, a beautiful structure with a lot of elegance, very warm. The 2014, is of sustained cherry color, with powerful aromas of cooked fruits and spices, of a good balance, with firm tannins and melted at the same time, a wine of very good guard. The 2013, is quite successful, very qualitative. A rather fruity wine, rather fine, not a big tannic power, wines that will be tasted quite easily. The 2012 is a very balanced wine with more supple tannins, a wine of a beautiful harmony, a beautiful structure with very flattering fruity aromas.

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