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Sce Foucard et Fils
34, route de Saint-Émilion
33570 Puisseguin
Téléphone :05 57 51 11 40 et 06 76 41 82 26
Email :
Site :

11 ha vineyard acquired in 1937, with clay-limestone soil, 79% Merlot, 12% Cabernet-Sauvignon and other grape varieties, 25 year old vines.
This Puisseguin cuvée Première 2016 presents itself particularly well, a wine which combines power and roundness, with this seductive and persistent nose of pepper and very ripe berries. In line, the 2015, with very structured tannins, on the nose dominated by ripe blackcurrant, violet and humus, with a spicy and persistent mouth, a wine that has ample and very fine tannins at the same time. Many vintages are available (2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016).
Very beautiful Lalande-de-Pomerol cuvée Première Château de Musset 2016, fragrant, tasty and complex, a wine that combines aromatic concentration and suppleness on the palate, with subtle aromas of spices.



Jacques et Thierry Capdemourlin

33330 Saint-Émilion
Téléphone :05 57 74 62 06
Email :
Site :

Balestard is one of the three vintages of the Capdemourlin family, 10 ha 60, clay-limestone soils, Merlot 70%, Cabernet Franc 25% and Cabernet-Sauvignon 5%.
Thierry Capdemourlin tells us that “the 2019 harvest is very pretty in quality and quantity. It will be an exceptional vintage, full, rich, balanced, very generous on the palate, very elegant, it is part of the line of very great vintages in Bordeaux.
We are marketing the 2017, this vintage does not always have a good reputation, it is the year of the frost, or in Balestard, we were spared, a little less on the other properties. At Château Balestard, we have 28 hl / ha which is perfectly fine, however only 11 hl / ha at Château Capdemourlin.
We have sorted to make quality wines with aromas of red fruits, it is an elegant wine, of beautiful structure, very pleasant to already appreciate. We are presenting it now and it is very popular, this 2017 is really worth tasting.
In 2018, average yield, it is a very great vintage, aromas of very ripe black fruits, lots of sweetness on the palate, the berries were small and very concentrated. We are seduced by the beautiful volume on the palate, beautiful generosity, lots of character. It will be bottled in June.
Jacques Capdemourlin adds “this 2019 is a delightful wine, complete, juicy on the palate, suave, generous, we are in the presence of an exceptional vintage that will be a date, it reminds me of 2016. We have been able to wait for maturity and have benefit from a light rain that arrived to prevent water stress, the evolution of the fruits was favored as well as the maturity. Here, on our estates, we are still waiting for the maturity of our Cabernets so that the Merlot / Cabernet maturities are equivalent. The 2019 is a vintage of aging with great potential.
We are continuing the evolution of the property. After renovating the vat room, the cellars, where, after selective sorting, we vinify by gravity, which is important for quality, hospitality, a new tasting place. In fact, we have set up a new reception area with a terrace overlooking the vineyards with a view of the city of Saint-Emilion. ”
Remarkable Saint-Emilion GCC Château Balestard La Tonnelle 2017, of a beautiful deep ruby ​​color, with aromas of ripe red fruit, spices and vanilla, it is a full-bodied, charming wine, of beautiful material. Superb 2016, of strong color, very balanced, with a complex nose of blackcurrant, plum and spices, combining roundness and structure, a very well matured wine, full-bodied, with good persistence, ideal for your meals with family or friends on traditional, local cuisine. The 2015, is a wine with a lot of structure, very well balanced, on the nose of candied cherry and humus, elegant frame, round but powerful mouth, dominated by macerated fruits and humus, of very good aging. The 2014, rich in color, on the nose of blackcurrant and pepper, full in the mouth thanks to silky and powerful tannins at the same time, all in finesse but full-bodied. “Regarding 2014, we harvested around mid-October. In all of our properties, the dresses are homogeneous, the wine is generous, vinous, full, notes of black cherry and truffle, superb mouth, dense and racy, tannins remarkably coated by a delicate woodiness. Long and persistent finish, a superb aging wine. For Château Cap de Mourlin, the color is intense garnet, notes of black fruit, frank and fresh attack, good concentration, tight tannins, fat and unctuous, a very great terroir wine. We seek to obtain this aromatic complexity by harvesting late and making small yields of 35hl / ha. We have extended barrel aging from 15 to 18 months. ” The 2013, dark garnet in color, with a bouquet developed with fruity and gamey nuances, with harmonious tannins, all on the palate, fine and full-bodied at the same time, a charming wine.
Seductive Saint-Émilion GCC Château Cap de Mourlin 2016, with truffle and raspberry nuances, supple tannins, combining structure, elegance and aromatic power, purple in color, with scents of overripe red fruits. The 2015 is generous, with a deep garnet hue, dense on the nose and in the mouth (blackcurrant, cinnamon), well balanced with its tasty tannins. The 2014, which combines concentration of aromas and fullness, has notes of macerated black cherry, leather and humus, has a tasty palate.
As for their Montagne-Saint-Émilion Château Roudier 2016, with a nose dominated by redcurrants and spices, all in aromatic complexity, which combines roundness and harmony, with ample tannins, is very balanced on the nose as in the mouth. The 2015, still at the head of its appellation, very classic, full in the mouth thanks to silky and powerful tannins at the same time, it is a wine with a nose of overripe red fruits, slightly spicy on the finish, very good structure, powerful mouth.



Nicole Roskam-Brunot
2, Cantenac - RD 670
33330 Saint-Émilion
Téléphone :05 57 51 35 22
Email :
Site :
Site :

Nicole Roskam-Brunot and her sons, 4th generation, perpetuate their know-how with passion and celebrated their 80 years at the head of Château Cantenac, a beautiful family story! Take the time to discover the very pretty wines of their fields and to meet them.
The Roskam Family tells us “2017 is a vintage that marks the 80th year of our family at the helm of Château Cantenac! A long road traveled since Albert and Emilie Brunot settled on the property in 1937.
This 2017 is a beautiful classic vintage, of beautiful color, good homogeneity, underlined by a good freshness.
The 2018 is a great vintage, rich and powerful, particularly concentrated and suitable for good aging. Generous wine that presents enough flexibility in its youth to charm consumers.
The 2019 is a very beautiful vintage from a very hot summer, a harvest with a moderate yield. The terroir of Château Cantenac, rich in sub-layers of gravel and clay, has allowed the vine to continue to mature in very good conditions. Leaf stripping was deliberately limited to protect the berries from the sun. The harvest took place in good weather from September 19 (Johan Roskam's birthday) until October 3. Very beautiful dark color, extraction well mastered by Frans Roskam, it was essential to ensure fine tannins. The very good Cabernets francs and sauvignons bring balance to the whole.
Since 2019, registration to obtain a High Environmental Value certificate to confirm our commitment to environmentally friendly viticulture. Our Château La Lauzette-Declercq validated its High Environmental Value certification in 2019.
In 2020, we celebrate 150 years of the creation of Château Cantenac, it was in 1870.
A great family story from the Despujols who are at the origin of the estate.
Wine tourism is developed at Château Cantenac, a moment of sharing and discovery: Classic one-hour visit with tasting of 3 wines, Prestige visit of 1 hour 30 and tasting lunch (visit included) from 20 people.
Château Cantenac is accredited “Vineyards and Discovery” of the Bordeaux Wine Route and won a crush on the Best of Tourism. ”
You will love like us their Saint-Emilion GC 2017, garnet in color, is a beautiful full-bodied wine, with notes of fresh red berries, spices and truffle, with very sweet tannins, a great success!
Remarkable Saint-Emilion GC 2016, with an intense ruby ​​red color, velvety mouth, slightly spicy, a very nice finish with these notes of smoky and overripe wild strawberry, it is a wine that should keep all of its promises.
We are undoubtedly under the charm of their 2015, terroir of sand on gravel and blue clay, 75% Merlot and 25% Cabernets, it is truly remarkable, where the flavors of undergrowth and overripe fruit, particularly charming, intermingle, fine and colorful, a wine with tasty tannins, slightly spicy on the palate as it should be, well fleshy, very promising.
The 2014, Gold Feminise medal, is a beautiful deep garnet color, with aromas of red fruits with smoky and liquorice notes, where elegance, balance of tannins and persistence are in harmony. Very nice Selection Madame 2016 it is powerful and warm, with finely toasted nuances, it is a wine rich in material, all in color, with on the palate these subtle and intense notes of kirsch and overripe red fruits, with powerful but good tannins melted, very harmonious and promising. The 2015, Silver Medal Concours de Bordeaux, with a beautiful dark garnet hue, with a nose of spices and very ripe red fruit, is a well-structured wine, fragrant on the palate, with very present but silky tannins.
There is also this Haut-Médoc Cru Bourgeois Château La Lauzette 2016, very balanced, rich, fatty and complex, ample on the nose as in the mouth, with melted tannins, it is warm, rich in color as in material, very aromatic (fruit blackberries, undergrowth, truffle). Excellent 2015, it is dense, with smoky and ripe strawberry nuances, intense, sustained color, very present tannins, excellent aging.
Also taste the 2016 Lussac Saint-Émilion Moulin de Grenet, fleshy as we like, fatty and well structured, complex, with spicy overtones, which combines a good tannic base with a persistent finesse on the palate.



Famille Boidron

33330 Saint Emilion
Téléphone :05 57 51 64 88
Email :
Site :

At the top, this vintage combines elegance and typicity. The Boidron family started making wine from 1760. From generation to generation, the vineyard has expanded and now includes 70 ha of vines on 6 appellations. Château Corbin Michotte is located in the gravelly area of Saint Emilion. Its 7 hectare vineyard is located between Pomerol and Saint-Émilion, near Cheval Blanc, Figeac and Petrus for its Pomerol limit. The family is involved: Jean-Noël Boidron (Oenologist, former Professor at the Bordeaux Institute of Oenology, Member of the International Wine Academy and the French Wine Academy), Hubert Boidron (Oenologist, manager vineyard and wine production), Emmanuel Boidron (Master Marketing, DUAD, sales manager), Isabelle Boidron (DESS Gestion et Droit vitivinicoles).
The typicity of the wine is due to its black sandy loam soil resting on a sandy clay base highly ferruginous (iron grime), with some gravel on the surface. It is an alluvial sheet of the Isle. The harvest is done by hand, the grapes are sorted manually on a vibrating sorting table. Long maceration with daily tasting. Aging takes place in new barrels and one wine for 18 to 24 months. Their proportion is decided each year according to the tasting. The aromas of the wood should never erase the fruitiness due to the terroir, but only enrich it.
In a Boidron family vintage, there is a philosophy that expresses, as in the arts, an aesthetic choice defined by this motto: Excellence, Harmony, Humility. ”
For Hubert Boidron, “2019 is a good vintage with a sunny late season, which results in very good grape maturity. We proceeded to an “à la carte” harvest.
We were able to pick up the most ripe plots in order to let the others calmly finish their ripening without being disturbed by the rain.
I tasted it recently, it is very promising, it continues to breed.
The 2018 is bottled in May-June, it is a wine with beautiful tannins very present, very nice aromas of ripe fruit, the 2019 will look like it in my opinion. The 2018 reminds me of 2015, a wine with good aging potential.
At Château Corbin-Michotte, we now have animal traction for working the soil. We plow with oxen. We have had them trained for two years. It’s a great adventure, I feel like going back to the tradition of my grandparents and great-grandparents.
This has several advantages, first of all, a very positive environmental effect, no engine, no fossil fuel, the oxen graze the grass, so no chemical weedkiller.
The other advantage is to reintroduce the animal into the work team, this human-to-animal relationship is very interesting. It’s a real pleasure, they’re very nice, very nice animals, I didn’t expect it, it’s very happy for everyone! ”
Remarkable Saint-Émilion GC 2016, with a crimson, intense color, ample tannins, both rich and supple, very balanced, very fleshy, with a nose dominated by red fruits and truffles, a powerful and melted mouth at the same time, beautiful evolution. Superb 2015, a great garnet-colored wine, with very balanced tannins, a subtle nose dominated by small red stone fruits and spices, a wine rich in color and aromas, with macerated fruit notes on the finish, tasty mouth , on call. The 2014, with a beautiful purple color, complex on the nose and in the mouth (morello cherry, spices, pepper), classic, is typified as we like them, with firm and melted tannins at the same time. The 2013 is particularly harmonious, very elegant, with a bouquet dominated by humus and fresh red berries, with a full mouth.
Beautiful 2012, with this overripe sour cherry nose, a wine that is complex, with well-balanced tannins, real and persistent richness, with notes of cooked plum, finely peppery, ideal with veal paupiettes in casserole dish or a rib wine merchant beef. Formidable GCC 2009, a great wine marked by elegance, very distinctive, with a nose of humus and spices, combining richness and finesse on the palate, colorful and fleshy, with powerful and supple tannins at the same time, which is starting to taste remarkably now, to be expected on a rack of lamb or duck breast with porcini mushrooms.
You will also love their 2016 Montagne-Saint-Emilion Château Calon, clay-limestone soil on asteraceae limestone, with intense black fruit and smoky aromas, dense mouth, all complexity, with tasty tannins, finely spiced. The 2015, of deep cherry color, with powerful aromas of blueberry and spices, of a good balance, with firm and melted tannins at the same time, it is a wine of very good aging. Magnificent Pomerol Château Cantelauze 2016, Merlot 90%, Cabernet franc 10%, with a complex nose dominated by redcurrants and humus, with a good mouthfeel.



Direction : Alain Moueix

33330 Saint-Émilion
Téléphone :05 57 24 60 02
Email :
Site :

The Moueix family sold, in 2017, following inheritance requirements, Château Fonroque to the Guillard family, insurers based in Nantes. However, Alain Moueix and his team remain in charge of Château Fonroque with the mission of continuing the work undertaken. Château Fonroque is certified in Organic Agriculture and is one of the avant-garde figures of Biodynamics in Bordeaux. Alain Moueix has been behind the qualitative renewal of this property since 2001.
Its methods are based on the observation and meticulous work of a living terroir and allow the estate to deliver wines whose reputation has been growing for the past fifteen years. Among the various renovations aimed at supporting the significant development of the cru, the construction of a new vat room is already under study.
Remarkable Saint-Émilion GCC 2017, 93% Merlot and 7% Cabernet Franc, it is generous, with a deep garnet color, dense on the nose and in the mouth (blackcurrant, cinnamon), well balanced with its tasty tannins. The 2016, from vines cultivated in Organic and Biodynamic, of a beautiful deep ruby ​​color, with aromas of ripe red fruits, spices and vanilla, it is a full wine, with a remarkable balance in the mouth, with great breadth.
In line with the 2015, a brilliant garnet color, with a complex nose with aromas of red fruit, on the palate, a frank attack with a nice balance between acidity and woodiness, there are red fruits in the bouquet. See Château Mazeyres in Pomerol.




33330 Saint-Émilion
Téléphone :05 57 55 10 55
Email :
Site :

It was in 1998 that the Sioen family bought the property and worked to restore it to its former glory. La Marzelle covers a superb terroir of gravel, clay and sand: the Haute Terrasse de Saint-Emilion, which was formed 2 million years ago in the Lower Pleistocene by the Isle which flowed through here to the Dordogne. Hence the explanation of the ruby pebbles. An organic orientation has been taken since 1988, with the use of copper, sulfur, calcium and herbal teas.
Superb Saint-Émilion GCC 2016, an intense garnet-colored wine, complex on the nose and in the mouth, distinguished, with connotations of candied cherry and humus, which has ample and dense tannins, for keeping, of course. The 2015, is a beautiful fleshy, spicy wine, with a silky, rich and full-bodied mouth, a concentrated wine, with a nice slightly peppery finish, of beautiful evolution.



Jean-Baptiste et Vincent Brunot
1, Jean-Melin
33330 Saint-Émilion
Téléphone :05 57 55 09 99
Email :
Site :

Benefiting from a remarkable quality-price-pleasure ratio, we are at the top.
Vincent Brunot continues the family tradition of favoring fruit and reducing the supply of new wood. The wines are always aged a year in barrels but with only 25% new wood, we obtain wines that are more velvety, more fruity, attractive with an ability to age but also capable of being appreciated in their youth. “We remain reasonable in the maturing in barrels which should not mask our pretty terroir of sands and gravels, and favor good value for money. ”
For Vincent Brunot, “2019 was a fairly contrasted year once again, a climatology not obvious… it was a fairly heterogeneous season. A rather cold spring and a heat wave in summer. Fortunately a rain at the end of August made it possible to re-inflate the berries a little and to revitalize the vegetation. We made yields of 45hl / ha.
It is a vintage with fairly high degrees, as much as the 2018. The result is a well-balanced, aromatic wine with very present but round tannins, a very nice vintage.
For sale, we offer Lussac Tour de Grenet 2015 and 2016, Château Piganeau Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 2014 and 2016, Lalande-de-Pomerol Château le Gravillot 2014 and 2018, Bordeaux Supérieur Château Maledan 2014 and 2018.
The 2018 is a very beautiful vintage, the wine is well colored, lots of fruit, beautiful matter, the wine is fleshy, the tannins are silky, the yields were correct without being excessive, nice concentration, we favor in all our wines a strong proportion of Merlot (95%) to obtain a nice fruitiness.
Château Maledan 2019 Bordeaux white, a novelty with us, we bottle it in April, it is our first vintage in white, we planted the vines three years ago, this corresponds to a small production around 1000 bottles that I reserve for wine merchants. For the red it is 100% Cabernet-Sauvignon, it is a nice wine of a deep red, with very present tannins.
For the past 2 years, we have not weeded anymore, we have been thinking about going organic, but in our region it is not easy. ”

Here is, indeed, a remarkable Saint-Emilion GC 2016, of deep ruby ​​color, a typified wine, very balanced, well bouquet, with silky tannins, with a complex nose dominated by violet, plum and cinnamon. The 2015, while on the palate, mixing this characteristic fat with finely woody notes, is a wine of a pretty concentration. The 2014, fragrant, combining color and material, very balanced, with ripe and structured tannins, on the nose of blackcurrant, morello cherry and spices.
Taste its fleshy Bordeaux Supérieur red Château Maledan 2016, with tasty tannins, all nuances with notes of ripe morello cherry. There is still their 2016 Lalande-de-Pomerol Château Le Gravillot, combining finesse and concentration, with powerful and silky tannins at the same time, an intense nose where notes of ripe red fruit and licorice intermingle. The 2015 is full of color and material, with a concentrated, rich nose, all in aromatic nuances, firm and silky, with a tasty mouth.



Martine et Jean-Bernard Chambard
1, Roylland
33330 Saint-Emilion
Téléphone :06 12 33 31 89
Email :
Site :

In 2010, Martine and Jean-Bernard Chambard, previously invested in healthcare establishments, became the new owners. They undertake major works: total renovation of the cellars, reception and tasting rooms. In the Château's outbuildings, they create the Gîte du Roy, a top-of-the-range accommodation, classified as Super Host, which welcomes visitors from all over the world. A reasoned agriculture is practiced to maintain a significant biodiversity of soils (earthworms ...) and insects. Passionate, Martine and Jean-Bernard manage their field with the same rigor and the same requirements that were theirs in the field of medicine.

Very well done, this Saint-Emilion GC 2017, with a nice round and fleshy attack, it is generous and persistent, with pronounced aromas of red fruits, it is a sweet and harmonious wine, very seductive, with a nice volume in the mouth. highlighted by fine tannins. You will like this 2016 like us, with the scent of ripe blackcurrant and spices, a powerful and harmonious wine, with firm and tasty tannins at the same time, very good, with hints of stone fruit and cinnamon, finely toasted, a wine for aging. The 2015 Paris Gold Medal 2015, with aromas of ripe red fruit, cinnamon and smoke, with balanced tannins, is a well-bodied wine with very good evolution.
We also find the 2014, dense and full-bodied, with fruity, spicy notes, with a nice concentration, but all roundness, representative of the vintage, a fleshy and fragrant wine on the palate, very good aging. The 2012 is generous, with nuances of ripe red fruit (cherry, wild strawberry), slightly spicy on the palate, solid and fine structure at the same time, tasty.



Famille Giraud
4, Cheval Blanc Ouest
33330 Saint-Émilion
Téléphone :05 57 51 06 10
Email :
Site :

At the top. The 11 ha of vines benefit from a gravelly and clay-siliceous soil with a very ferruginous subsoil allowing the vines aged 40 years to produce the best. The grape varieties are distributed for 75% Merlot and 25% Cabernet Franc. Fermentation is long and monitored, aging takes place in oak barrels.

“We can say that in Bordeaux: Vintage 2019 under the sun! We had hot and dry summer conditions only punctuated by two rainy episodes in late July and early August. After water constraints, which ultimately
were very favorable to the ripening of the tannins. The grapes were small, of very good quality and excellent, which gave very rich and very aromatic musts with a very high tannic and anthocyanic potential. Our 2019 wines are rich and powerful.
The great 2018 Vintage will be available in June. It is a nice Vintage with very nice tannins, very aromatic and very harmonious, with great aging potential. "

Here is a great Saint-Émilion GC 2016, of elegant but dense structure, with tannins present and melted at the same time, ample, of a nice finish, all nuances with notes of morello cherry, smoky and spices.
The 2015 is firm, full-bodied, with a beautiful purple color, full of power and finesse, with scents of overripe red fruits. The 2014, rich in color as in aromas, with these notes of ripe plum and pepper, intense on the nose as in the mouth, a beautiful Vintage, full and warm, to be expected on a filet of beef with salardaise or a hare in crépinettes . The 2013 is fragrant, full-bodied, sappy and persistent, with these notes of strawberry and morello cherry, rich in color, combining finesse and structure, with silky tannins, frank mouth, where there are notes of ripe raspberry and under- wood. The 2012 is rich in aromas, of a beautiful structure with a lot of elegance, with notes of fruit, cinnamon and humus, very balanced on the nose as in the mouth, very typical. The 2011, of strong color, is structured, with intense scents, of elegant framework, very perfumed (cooked fruits, pepper), of a beautiful finish. See Château Le Caillou, in Pomerol.

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