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Vignerons de CAMPLONG

Président : Cyril Fito - Directeur : Claude Bolano
25, avenue de la Promenade
11200 Camplong-d'Aude
Téléphone :04 68 43 60 86
Email :
Site :

This cooperative winery brings together about thirty dynamic and passionate winemakers, and collects awards.
The entire vineyard is in Terra Vitis certified, with traceability of the cultivation practices verified by an independent organization, guaranteeing a quality production mode, respecting the environment.
We have selected the Corbières rouge Le C de Camplong 2016, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Grenache et Carignan, it is a well-bodied wine, where dominate notes of leather and ripe blackcurrant, with melted tannins but well rich, combining color and material, of a nice finish. The Corbières rouge La Cuvée des Vignerons 2015, Syrah, Carignan, Mourvèdre and Grenache, has a nose that is both intense and subtle where are intertwined notes of small red fruits with stone and spices, gourmet.
Just like the Corbières rouge Fontbories 2016, Gold medal Concours Agricole Paris 2018, Carignan, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Grenache, an ideal wine for a meal with family or friends. Le Corbières rouge Peyres Nobles Cuvée Organique 2017, Médaille d'or Concours Lyon 2018, Syrah, Carignan, Grenache et Mourvèdre, is powerful and colorful, with scents of blackcurrant, morello and spices, it is full-bodied, ample, with rich tannins, a wine with strong aromas as well as structure. Joli Corbières rosé Peyres Nobles 2017, Gold Medal Paris Concours Agricole 2018, Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault, which exudes a delicate nose of fresh citrus, combines structure and finesse in mouth, ideal with a filet of Saint-LaurentStone or veal tajine with beans and artichokes. Charming white Corbières Peyres Nobles 2017, Grenache, Vermentino, Roussane and Marsanne, where one finds notes of almond and honeysuckle, complex mouth, a pretty persistence, a wine ample.



Christophe Gualco

11200 Lézignan-Corbières
Téléphone :04 68 27 00 03
Site :

Family property for 4 generations. Located on an area of 77 ha of vines, the estate has a clay-limestone terroir, stony, most of whose plots are facing south. The oldest plots are more than sixty years old and allow to develop the vintage Vieilles Vignes and the selection of the Bois des Dames. Christophe Gualco is committed to ensuring the quality of the wines that have made the Château Etang des Colombes one of the great wineries of this region. Innovative with wines of grape varieties and a Viognier in late harvest, marked by a stronger presence outside our borders.
For Christophe Gualco, this “2018 is a year without drought, a warm and dry climate, no mildew. Beautiful fresh vintage with a hint of acidity, very aromatic, material and quantity meets quality. The Syrahs are superb, the white and the fragrant rosés, can be drunk relatively young, the reds have fine tannins and are very promising.
We start the sale of the red 2015 and 2016, raised in barrels, the Tradition 2018, not barricated, the white and rosé 2018 and the wooded white 2016.
End of 2018, beginning of 2019: a new Corbières Terrasses de Lézignan 2018, a wine aged in barrels, very concentrated, of guard. Since late 2018 and early 2019, we have applied for the HVE label.”
We are at the top with its superb Corbières rouge Bicentenaire Vieilles Vignes 2015, Grenache noir, Carignan, Mourvèdre, grapes from organic agriculture, selection of old vines vinified in whole grains, by grape variety, then assembled, a part is then aged in barrels for 6 to 8 months, a wine that is intense in color as in aromas, charming, with tannins present, with these notes of blackberry, pepper and cherry on the palate. Le Corbières rouge Bois des Dames 2015, Carignan, Syrah, Grenache, develops a complex nose, with grilled notes, a round wine, and elegant, woody and peppery. Remarkable Corbières blanc Bois des Dames 2016, Grenache vieux Vignes, Bourboulenc, dandruff maceration and fermentation in barrels with stirring then racking and ageing for 6 to 8 months... It is a wine very seductive by its structure and its persistence of aromas, of powerful mouth, harmonious, of a certain complexity in mouth, where one finds nuances of nut and pear.
Le Corbières blanc Tradition Henri Gualco 2017, Grenache blanc, Maccabeu, Bourboulenc, is brighter, drier, with this persistent spicy touch, a wine with nuances of aromas (peony, fresh apricot), for example, on grilled sardines or fennel mullets.
As for the Corbières rosé Gris Colombe 2017, it is all fruit, very round in mouth, structured and scented, of beautiful shade.
Also try the sweet IGP Pays d'Oc blanc Viognier 2017, which smells of almond and mango.



Philippe et Bernard Chamayrac
Route des Vins
11560 Fleury-d'Aude
Téléphone :04 68 33 62 84
Email :
Site :

Château Mire l'Etang is located on the eastern and maritime border of the Clape massif, facing the rising sun, says Bernard Chamayrac. Its ancient vineyard, set in the middle of an invasive garrigue, spreads out in terraces overlooking the Mediterranean. Its unique terroir, derived from arid and stony soils, is strongly affected by drought but it owes its originality to the nearby sea, which thanks to its marine effluves rebalances this demanding climate.
For Bernard Chamayrac, “these harvests 2018 were the result of a very difficult campaign where the Languedoc vineyard experienced the greatest blight attack of the last twenty years. Although late winter and early spring heavy rainfall is the source of late blight, it has also helped to mitigate the effects of a particularly hot and dry summer. In this context, thanks to perfect weather during the 6 weeks of harvest, the 2018 vintage is in line with the previous 3, in terms of excellence and quality, with yields more in line with the last two harvests. “
Seductive Languedoc rosé cuvée Gris 2018, Grenache noir, Cinsault and Mourvèdre, all in the mouth, a wine where the suavité comes to support an aromatic finish dominated by nuances of fresh citrus. As for Languedoc rosé cuvée Corail 2018, it has a delicate fruity, with nuances of peach and small dried fruits, a very pleasant wine, which combines freshness with roundness. AOC La Clape rouge Réserve du Château 2016 50% Syrah, 30% Mourvèdre,20% Grenache noir, on clay-limestone soil, aged in new oak barrels 12 months, cuvaison long 4 weeks, is very successful with this plum nose, combining finesse and structure on the palate, with peppery nuances. La Clape rouge Tradition 2017 has a beautiful, complex purple colour with an intense and subtle nose that blends the ripe cherry with a characteristic spicy touch.
Joli La Clape rouge cuvée des Ducs de Fleury 2017, 70% Syrah, 15% Mourvèdre, 15% Grenache black, full-bodied and classic, rich in aromas, with ample tannins, tasty and complex palate, with this peppery tip in the finish. Pleasant La Clape blanc cuvée Aimée de Coigny 2018, 55% Roussane, 40% Bourboulenc, 5% Grenache blanc, with peach and grapefruit notes.



Marie-Geneviève Boudal-Benezech
11, chemin de l'Aire
34320 Roquessels
Téléphone :04 67 90 15 00
Email :
Site :
Site :

At the head of the First Great Wines Classified. The estate extends on 25 ha including old vines of Carignans more than seventy years old rooted on the shales of the hillsides of La Serre, exposed due south to 400 m of altitude, the last foothills of the Cévennes surrounded by the Haut-Languedoc Regional Natural Park, complete with Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and Mourvèdre. Since 2007, the Roussane and Marsanne grape varieties have been enriching this palette allowing the production of a white wine. Several generations have followed one another on the Bénézech-Boudal estate since the end of the last century when Siméon Bénézech was already delivering his wine in barrels. Then, his son Pierre Bénézech began producing red and rosé wines in bottles in the 1970s. Since 1995, his daughter Marie-Geneviève Boudal and his children Hervé and Laurent have continued the tradition established here since the end of the 19th century. The harvests are done by hand, allowing to carry out the necessary sorting to obtain grapes in perfect maturity and in excellent sanitary condition. The wines are made on a terroir of schists (average yields of 28 hl/ha) and very typical Faugères: a great aromatic richness, a lot of structure, great finesse of tannins. The farm is certified under the Organic Agriculture Ecocert.

“We had problems with late blight in 2018,” says Marie-Geneviève Boudal-Benezech, who settled on the Carignans, hence - 30% of the harvest. The Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre, on the other hand, have been preserved and are perfect. The whites and rosés are fresher than usual, the reds have a little more acidity, therefore a beautiful potential of guard.
Wines sold in 2019: for reds, 2015, 2016, then 2017 during the year, 2018 for whites and rosés.”
This warm family proposes us this formidable Red Faugères Charlotte 2015, which is dense, with a complex nose dominated by blackcurrant and leather, with both ripe and powerful tannins, which fills the mouth well. Beau Faugères rouge Prestige 2015, 40% Syrah, 40M Carignan and 20% Mourvèdre, of deep color, it is well full-bodied, with aromas of black fruit with notes of grilled, of a nice concentration, slightly spicy on the palate, ideal on an expressive kitchen, such as a veal piccata with asparagus tips or a roasted cockerel with thyme with peas and artichokes.
Remarkable red Faugères Marie-Laurencie 2013, 40% Syrah, 40% Grenache and 20% Mourvèdre, matured in stainless steel vats with cherry nose, slightly spicy on the palate, with persistent scents, it is a structured wine, rich and very dense, with shades of humus and currant ripe to the palate.
Remarkable again, the Faugères Château des Peyregrandes white 2016, Roussane 60%, Marsanne 40% (primary era, classic schist soils of the Faugèrois-carbonifère, altitude: 200 to 300 m on the Cévennes mountains, facing south, facing the sea), the whole giving this sweet wine, with a charming and persistent nose, marked by these notes of white flowers and toast, a wine that combines nervosity and fat, really superb with, for example, a puff of white turbot or sweetbreads.
The Château des Peyregrandes Red 2015, Syrah 50%, Grenache 50%, raised in stainless steel vats, has a dark colour with garnet reflections, underwood and blackberry notes, combining structure and suppleness, generous.
Remarkable Château des Peyregrandes rosé, Grenache 50%, Syrah 40%, Mourvèdre 10%, manual vintage, vinification by bleeding, then stabilization and fermentation with thermoregulation, a part vinified in oak barrels, develops a fresh and frank scent of fruit (apricot, peach), and can be enjoyed with rabbit graters with olives or squid rust.



Famille Guibert
Haute Vallée du Gassac
34150 Aniane
Téléphone :04 67 57 71 28
Email :
Site :

At the head of the First Great Wines Classified. Daumas Gassac is the encounter between Aimé Guibert and an exceptional terroir discovered in the 1970s by the great scientist Henry Enjalbert, holder of the chair of geography at the Academy of Bordeaux, which found that in the middle of the Arboussas massif, under the thick mantle of the garrigue, about forty hectares of deep soil, perfectly drained and poor in humus and vegetable materials, rich in mineral oxides (iron, copper, gold...). This terroir of glacial sandstone accumulated by the winds during the glaciations of Riss, Mindel and Guntz, bring the three elements that condition the existence of a great vintage: deep soils where the roots of the vine can go down to feed deep; perfectly drained soils where the roots of the vine never meet moisture, poor soils that require vines suffering and effort to create rare aromas. The exposure of the vineyard on northern slopes accentuates the effect of the cold micro-climate, reducing, especially during the summer, the hours of sunshine. It is this micro-climate that delays the flowering of the vines by nearly three weeks on the average Languedoc. If the discovery of the terroir owes everything to Henry Enjalbert, the winemaking and rearing procedures owe everything to Emile Peynaud: vinification medocaine, long fermentations and macerations, aged 12 to 15 months in Burgundian and Bordeaux barrels from 1 to 7 years, collage with egg albumin, no filtration...
We wait with this formidable IGP Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert - Cité d'Aniane rouge 2016, of beautiful intensity, with aromas of red fruits (plum, redcurrant), garrique and spices, a beautiful structure, very well balanced, with ample and voluminous tannins, well fleshy as it should be, of course. The 2015 is a great wine generous and typed, of pretty intense colour, powerful on the palate, with firm and well balanced tannins, notes of characteristic ripe red fruits, with hints of pepper on the palate. Splendid Mas de Daumas Gassac white 2016, 24% Viognier, 23% Chardonnay, 24% Petit Manseng, 13% Chenin white and 16% of a collection of grape varieties including the Courbu du Béar, the small Arvine du Valais, the Marsanne du Rhône and other great European varieties. Harvest 100% manual. Original vinification including 10° dandruff maceration for five to seven days, 20/25° stainless steel fermentation for three weeks, placer filtration on fossil land, then return to stainless steel; finally, a second safety filter on the plate before bottling... A wine without equivalence, fine and fragrant, dense and racy as it should be, ample in the mouth, very rich and subtle, that smells hazelnuts and peach white, subtle and persistent, of great freshness in the mouth, with nuances of grilled and pear, very distinguished.
Superb 2015, where fat blends with minerality, all in distinction, of a great aromatic magnitude (hawthorn, peach, nut, heather), which combines power and delicacy.
We also advise you the IGP Pays d'Hérault Guilhem red 2018, with aromas of violet, blackberry and strawberry on the palate, it is quite robust, a wine "as before", the white Guilhem, dominant of white flowers and almond, Vivacious on the palate, and the Guilhem rosé, is frank and fresh, of a beautiful, sustained and limpid hue, with a complex nose, on the fruit.
Taste the Rosé Frizant, it is a sparkling wine, finely bouqueté (apricot, rose), fine, subtle mouth, persistent and very fragrant (fresh fruit), intense foam.
Our Rosé Frizant is the “third musketeer”, we produce 50,000 bottles in 2018 and can’t keep up with all the demand… This Cabernet-Sauvignon bleed confers a beautiful aromatic expression, aromas of small red fruit acidulated (strawberry, raspberry) the bubble is halfway between the traditional method and the quiet wine, one gets a very digestible wine.”
The PGI Pays d'Hérault Albaran red 2017, is intense in color as well as in aromas, that blossom good ripe fruits and spices, with firm tannins and silky at the same time.



Benjamin Coulet et Valenti Goeminne
Vignobles Coulet - Rue du Château
34380 Saint-Jean de Buèges
Téléphone :06 62 57 24 22 et 06 98 41 26 35
Email :
Site :

The Coulet family has been cultivating vineyards and olive trees in the Buèges Valley for more than 4 generations. Clovis Coulet was one of the promoters of the creation of the cooperative winery of Saint-Jean de Buèges. Then Gérard Coulet, a true lover of nature and the culture of the vine, became strongly involved in the collective life and presided over the cooperative winery for many years.
Jean-Luc Coulet, Benjamin’s father, undertook a restructuring and a qualitative conversion of the vineyard. Then in 2011, Benjamin arrived on the Domaine with a superior training in wines at the Ensam in Montpellier, and decided to develop high-end and authentic wines, in the image of this fabulous terroir. In 2015, Benjamin’s cousin, Valentin Goeminne, joins him in the adventure. Specializing in viticulture, he obtained a higher education in Viticulture at l'Ensam in Montpellier. They also offer Bed and Breakfast at Le Grimpadou.
This is an excellent white Languedoc 2016, with aromas of nuts and citrus, it combines elegance and power, of great persistence, very aromatic. Pretty Terrasses du Larzac red 2016, with a powerful nose where spices and red fruits mix, ample and solid, rich in colour and structure, with well balanced tannins. Le Terrasses du Larzac rouge Grande Réserve 2015, is a wine with material and tannins, of structure both rich and flexible, with notes of violet, blackcurrant and prune, with a dense mouth, to discover with a rib of beef or duck breast.



Famille Greuzard
Route de Ginestas
11120 Mirepeisset
Téléphone :06 09 38 90 36 et 06 22 25 44 29
Email :
Site :

Acquisition by the Greuzard family in 2001 of this vineyard which today counts 85 ha. Holy Grass has for origin "Herbo Santo", which means in Occitan all the aromatic plants.
At the end of 2005, purchase of the house of the Domaine de l'Herbe Sainte, the property is complete. Practices that limit parasitic risks, maintain a high biological diversity of the wine-growing ecosystem and its surroundings, and reduce pollution of water, soil and air are preferred. Development of wine tourism.
Remarkable Minervois red cuvée Ambroisie 2016, of a beautiful color garnet, it is a cuvée very well elevated, well typed, notes of undergrowth and blackberry, a wine spicy, intense and structured, of rich mouth, which begins to taste very well.
Very nice red Minervois Tradition 2016, classic and robust palate, with fine tannins but well present, with notes of well ripe blackcurrant, to enjoy with black pudding or a stew of porcelet with small onions.
On the gourmet side, the IGP Pays d'Oc white Chardonnay 2017, it is harmonious, with the scent of hazelnuts and white peach, of a beautiful magnitude on the nose as in the mouth. The IGP Pays d'Oc blanc Colombard 2017, with the nose of flowers and small dried fruits, is very charming, just like the IGP Pays d'Oc rouge Merlot 2017, with this hint of strawberry from the mature woods, it is a rich and fleshy wine, supple and full-bodied at the same time, of very good evolution.
And the PGI Pays d'Oc rouge Malbec 2017, purple in colour, is full-bodied, with rich tannins, with hints of pepper and ripe gooseberry, all in distinction and structure.



Renée et Benoît Laburthe
7, rue du 11 Novembre 1918
11700 Pépieux
Téléphone :04 68 91 41 38
Email :
Site :

At the head of the First Great Wines Classified. A warm couple who are passionate about this vineyard which stretches around the village of Pépieux and on the first slopes of the Black Mountain, in AOC Minervois. The climate is very dry and warm but the wind that descends from the mountain brings freshness and scents. The hillsides of Pépieux offer an exceptional terroir giving elegant wines having a vivacity, an acidity, noticed by connoisseurs.
It was there that the 'wine of the Cathars' was born, which made the reputation of the village, and today we find the Syrahs with aromas of blackcurrant and liquorice. The estate also benefits from vineyards on the terroir of La Livinière, classified first "village appellation" of the AOC of Languedoc. Taking advantage of this exceptional situation, Renée and Benoît Laburthe returned to work on their grandfather’s vines in 1986.

“Rich, fragrant, voluminous, tannic, qualitative and quantitative, this is what the 2018 harvest looks like for us,” says Benoît Laburthe.
Yet we had a blight attack that we reacted well to, and the vines that had great growth potential because of the rain produced beautiful grapes, despite, then, the great heat, then the assemblies were perfect.
Our range of wines for sale in 2019: Les Gravettes 2018 (Grenache, Syrah and a bit of Carignan): round and supple, Les Terres Rouges 2016 and 2017, Les Terres Fines 2016 and 2017, Les Cailloux blanc 2016 and 2017, Les Petits Cailloux 2016 and 2017, and the rosé 2018.
Between last year and this year, he told us, I planted 3.50 ha of white grapes: Roussane, Viognier, Vermentino, Grenache blanc, to intensify the production of white wines.”
It is always a pleasure to taste the wines of this warm couple, he proposes us this red Minervois Terre de Pépusque 2016, a wine of garnet dress, which has a nose of blackberry and raspberry, silky tannins with complex connotations of blackcurrant and cinnamon on the palate, full-bodied and typed.
Also the Minervois La Livinière red Les Cailloux Blancs 2016, with a persistent nose dominated by notes of cherry, pepper and spices, it is a rich and long wine on the palate, with ample tannins, excellent guard, superb, for example, with sage pork or roast chicken.
Beau Minervois La Livinière rouge Les Petits Cailloux 2016, with notes of blackcurrant, morello cherry and spices, is a wine with a harmonious structure, very firm on the palate, very successful.
The Minervois rouge Les Terres Rouges 2015, with the nose of ripe fruits (blackcurrant, cherry) and humus, balanced tannins, is rich and tasty, a colorful and full-bodied wine.
Tasty Minervois rosé 2017, of delicate dress, combining nervousness and roundness, it has fruit flavors, it is a round and complex mouth wine, with this hint of spice very seductive, ideal, in particular, on veal liver with venetian sauce or beef carpaccio.
The Minervois red Les Gravettes 2016 has a pretty intense colour, is all in aromas (raspberry, plum, liquorice...), with this mouth well fleshy, purple and deep. And the Minervois rouge Les Terres Fines 2016, from a velvet-coloured garnet, with aromas of cherry, blackberry, cocoa and toasted almond, is a large, powerful, fleshy wine on the palate.

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