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Domaine de La GAUTERIEANJOU Domaine de La GAUTERIE

Domaine de La GAUTERIE

Etienne Jadeau
La Gauterie
49320 Brissac Loire Aubance
Téléphone :02 41 45 50 04 et 06 87 23 73 28
Email :
Site :

Étienne Jadeau, son, grandson and great-grandson of a winemaker, settled in 1990 amidst windmills and castles. The 21 ha stretch between the Aubance and the Layon, two rivers that stroll through the Angevine sweetness.
Remarkable Anjou red 2017, 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, maceration for 15 days and maturation in vats, it has a well present fleshy and this frame both rich and flexible, with these very characteristic and persistent notes of small stone fruits. The Cabernet D'Anjou 2017, 100% Cabernet franc, direct pressing, maturing in vats, fermentation at 16 - 17°, has plum aromas, very good structure, a classic wine and particularly affordable. Very nice dry white Anjou 2017, 100% Chenin, matured in vats, seductive nose that develops nuances of citrus and white flowers, with a lot of elegance.




Prieuré royal Saint-Laurent - 8, Saint-Laurent
44650 Legé
Téléphone :02 40 26 60 95
Email :

At the top, and from afar. The family has been in this 18 ha vineyard since 1740.
“For Michel Morilleau, “one word for 2018: grandiose! The Muscadets and Chardonnays were hit by hail but the vines did not suffer and produced superb grapes. The Gros-Plants are also unharmed. In short, the harvest is slightly lower in quantity (28 hl per hectare) but the quality is omnipresent and exceptional. On sale this year: Muscadet sur Lie 2014 silver medal, Chardonnay Traditionnel 2017, Chardonnay Olympus 2014, then 2018 at the end of the year. The Chardonnay 2018 will also be excellent as in other years, 20 hl/ha coupled with great richness. The 2018 Exception currently in barrels should make an unprecedented custodial wine.”
Superb Muscadet 2018, always very typed by its soil, it is a rare wine, fine fat, harmonious and deep, it is always tasted very well, gives off a mineral and subtle nose, with shades of white flowers and quince. Remarkable Muscadet Olympus 2014, which also develops mineral notes, with citrus scents, seducing by its distinguished structure in the finish, a great wine!
Taste Big Plant 2018, round, fruity, gorgeous on oysters, grilled fish, see on dry goat cheese, and Gros-Plant 2014, fruity and fresh without being acidic. We also liked the Val de Loire Chardonnay 2017, perfect for all starters and especially white meats.
And the Val de Loire Exception Chardonnay 2015, advised by Michel Morilleau "on dishes cooked with a rich and creamy sauce. veal cutlet, chicken with cream and morels, Comté cheeses matured 24 months minimum, all that the kitchen can reveal through a great Chef specializing in good homemade sauces, of course.”
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Directeur : Christophe Denoël
Les Moulins-à-Vent - BP 9
58150 Pouilly-sur-Loire
Téléphone :03 86 39 10 99
Email :
Site :

First class winery that vinifies 15% of the production, on Kimmeridgian soil shelled mainly (white earth), flint clay (Saint-Andelain), Portlandien and alluvial terraces on the Loire River.
“For us, Christophe Denoël explains, the 2018 harvest was intense. The warm, dry weather predicted a small harvest, but no, that was not the case and we are satisfied. Harvests similar to those of 2003, higher degrees than usual, and above all a balance in the wine that is surprising and comforting. This year we are selling the high-end 2016 vintages, for the others in 2017 and 2018. We are currently working on a sulphur-free wine, which will be launched in September if we are satisfied with it.”
Superb Pouilly-Fumé Le Poirier Fou 2015, which combines aromatic richness and persistence in the mouth, with notes of white flowers and hazelnut in the finish (presented in a beautiful bottle). We also recommend the Pouilly-Fumé La Mariée 2016, it is ample and persistent, finely golden in colour, rich in the nose, with hints of rose and hawthorn, elegant and persistent, with a delicate mouth. Very pleasant also the Pouilly-Fumé La Baudière 2017, with citrus aromas, a dense wine, distinguished, powerful but with this nervosity in the mouth characteristic, combining structure and finesse, of a beautiful finish. Seductive Pouilly-Fumé Tonelum 2016, which develops a nose of small fruits, it is suave, richly bouqueté, a complex and very persistent wine, combining power and elegance. Also taste their Pouilly-sur-Loire Les Moulins à Vents 2016, with hints of nuts and narcisse, of a beautiful expression, frank, fresh and fond.

Domaine Nathalie et David DRUSSÉSAINT-NICOLAS-DE-BOURGUEIL Domaine Nathalie et David DRUSSÉ

Domaine Nathalie et David DRUSSÉ


1, impasse de la Villatte
37140 Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil
Téléphone :02 47 97 98 24 et 06 88 88 77 75
Email :
Site :
Site :

A 21 ha estate. These friendly winemakers were awarded in 2005 by the Departmental Price of Agricultural Dynamics. Domain in conversion to Organic Agriculture since 2015.
Here really is a superb Saint-Nicolas-de-Bbourgueil red Vieilles Vignes 2015, medalist at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2017, a pure Cabernet franc, coming from a terroir argilo-limestone, a very pretty wine that has connotations of black fruits and undergrowth, well in mouth, elegant, rich in color as in magnitude, excellent evolution.
Remarkable cuvée Amplitude 2015, a low yield production that is part of the harvests of old vines (64 years old), located on the slopes of tuffeau, it is intense color with black reflections, powerful aromas of macerated fruit (plum, strawberry of the woods...), dense mouth, guard.
Their other red Saint-Nicolas-de-Bbourgueil Les Graviers 2016, made on flint and sand terroirs, with a nose marrying ripe fruit and spices, is of a certain complexity in mouth, scented and intense with hints of cherry and plum, with silky tannins. As for their Saint-Nicolas-de-Bbourgueil red L'Intuitive 2014, Liger d'Argent 2016, intense color with black reflections, powerful aromas of red fruits (blackberry, strawberry of the woods...), spices, tannins well coated but very balanced, He’s a very nice guard.
The Saint-Nicolas-de-Bbourgueil rosé, has scents of raspberry, redcurrant and blackberry, it is a reference of the region. There is also their Bourgueil rouge Leroy de Restigné 2015, gold medal at the Concours des Grands Vins de France in Mâcon 2016, marked by its tuffeau soil, with a nose of stone fruits, slightly spicy, all in mouth, with soft tannins. Free welcome for motorhome drivers who are members of France Passion or others.

Domaine de SARRYSANCERRE Domaine de SARRY

Domaine de SARRY

Christelle Senotier et Nicolas Brock
Route de Bourges
18300 Le Briou de Veaugues
Téléphone :02 48 79 07 92
Télécopie : 02 48 79 05 28
Email :
Site :

At the head of the First Great Wines Classified. Christelle and Nicolas are charming, passionate, authentic and innovative, and it was with pleasure that we shared a moment with them during our visit to Sancerre.
An estate consisting of about twenty hectares, taken over by the friendly Nicolas Brock following his father, Michel, who created the estate almost entirely in the 1960s, replanting, in particular, an old vineyard which has been unexploited since the Middle Ages.
The domain (11 ha in one piece), perched on the Black Mountain (one of the highest points of the region, 353 m of altitude), is made up of clay-limestone marls of the kimmeridgian, the “white earths”. Then the hillside and the Côte de la Roche form about ten hectares of pebbles.
No herbicide or insecticide is used. Soils are mechanically engineered. Existing grass is natural and varied (diversity). The return to ancestral agrarian practices helps to promote soil life (cycles) through respect for the natural balances of flora and fauna.

Formidable Sancerre blanc Montagne Noire 2012, a great mineral wine, of a very great finesse, with a powerful nose (acacia, fern, apple), of scented and ample mouth, of light yellow color, structured, with, in mouth, connotations of smoke, of pear and narcissus, a wine that combines aromatic richness and persistence.
“This wine is hard to live with because it constantly evolves with the cycles of the plant and the seasons it remembers. Maybe it’s that memory that makes a great wine. The Black Mountain is a more powerful version and internally more structured by a technique of rearing wines of great guard. An attempt was made to pay homage to the terroir and the elders by mastering history and geography. There is more force than power, the force of work and patience. The Black Mountain is always tasted in the cellar, where it was raised. With minerality, fruit, often candied, mixed with the cravings of memories, horizontal tasting reveals vintage after vintage. “
Very nice Sancerre Les Mille Sens white 2016, with aromas of fern and fresh fruit, of great finesse, complex, with a powerful finish dominated by the grilled, where one finds notes of apple and almond, powerful palate, pale yellow colour, tasty and all in delicacy, to be tested for example on a rabbit terrine or simply as an aperitif.
“Les Mille Sens is available eight months after the harvest in May,” says Brock. It is the youngest white wine we have for sale. For us, it is almost a novelty, which mainly expresses the notions of fruity. Although it is easy to determine its terroir, we think it is best expressed when the wines are older. “
Very attractive Sancerre Domaine de Sarry white 2017, an intense wine on the nose as in the mouth, with this floral freshness lined with fruity nuances, with notes of white peach and lily, all in finesse. Still the superb Sancerre Domaine de Sarry red 2015, vines aged 40 years and aged for a year in oak barrels, very marked by its Pinot Noir, a wine of intense color, notes of prune, harmonious, silky tannins, with hints of blackberry and pepper on the palate, to be enjoyed with a deli board or poultry liver terrine.


Domaine de la GUILLOTERIE

Patrice Duveau
63, rue Foucault
49260 Saint-Cyr-en-Bourg
Téléphone :02 41 51 62 78
Email :
Site :
Site :

Cultivated by the Duveau family for several generations, the vineyard now covers 50 ha. This terroir benefits from climatic conditions particularly favourable to the cultivation of the vine. On this clay-limestone soil, the grape varieties blossom to give wines expressive and character, well typed, that collect rewards.
“2018: a year that fulfills all our wishes,” says Patrice Duveau. Perfect harvests, exceptional quality, a cheerful quantity, high degrees, a beautiful concentration, fruity, in short, everything is there.
On the market in 2019, Saumur-Champigny red 2016 and 2017, Saumur white 2017 and 2018, and Crémants de Loire pink and white.
A new cuvée appears: a Saumur-Champigny aged 1/3 in barrels and 2/3 in Flextank vats (egg-shaped) that retain the freshness of the fruit by not letting the volatile compounds escape. Our project: enlarge the area of Saumurs blancs and Crémants by 1 hectare.”
Enjoy this Saumur-Champigny cuvée des Loges 2015, from old vines, of sustained cherry color, with aromas of cooked fruits and undergrowth, cherry, prunes, truffle, very balanced, firm tannins and melted at the same time. Very nice Saumur-Champigny red cuvée Affinity 2016, garnet color, with a lot of structure, all in mouth, very balanced, nose of cherry, spices and humus, balanced frame. Classic and well made, the Saumur-Champigny Tradition 2016, of very good structure, intense garnet colour, with scents of plum and peony, all in subtlety. Also taste the Saumur Blanc Les Perruches 2015, round and warm, with nuances of apricot and quince, seductive like this other Saumur Blanc Elegance 2017, rich in bouquet, very harmonious, with notes of dried fruit and flowers, a long finish with pleasant citrus notes. Nice Crémant De Loire raw rosé, of perfumed mousse (rose, strawberry), fine, with the nose of ripe berries, of lively mouth like the Crémant De Loire brut (Chenin and Chardonnay), dense and fruity, with persistent floral notes, with a nice finesse in the mouth, creamy foam.



Laurent et Chantal Dézé
4, rue des Vignerons
49400 Souzay-Champigny
Téléphone :02 41 52 41 11
Email :
Site :

Charming winemakers and a family vineyard (12 generations), led in reasoned struggle for more than 30 years, 35 ha on clay-limestone soils very characteristic of its appellation. In the 19th century, a sailor, rescued from a shipwreck in the Loire, had a chapel built near the family house. But it was only in 1982 that the estate took that name, when Laurent settled with his father, Gilbert. Gabriel Dézé, brother of Laurent’s grandfather (in other words his great uncle) was at the origin of the name Saumur Champigny which he signed the decree on 31 December 1957 as President
Remarkable Saumur-Champigny Les Chaneluzes 2014, very representative of what must be a wine of this appellation, where are intertwined spices, cherry and undergrowth, is a molten wine, powerful on the nose as in mouth, of excellent evolution. Very pleasant Saumur-Champigny Tradition 2015, very aromatic, with subtle and intense notes of humus and small red fruits, tasty mouth as it should.
Superb Saumur Blanc Volupté 2017, very balanced, very elegant, dense and fragrant mouth, pleasant by its vivacity, of a beautiful persistence of aromas, dominant of dried fruits (apricot) and hawthorn, at a price that really defies any competition. You will also like the Cabernet De Saumur rosé with a bright light pink colour, combining freshness and structure, a wine all in mouth, with subtle and persistent aromas where the fresh fruits dominate. Le Saumur Blanc L'Ancestrale 2016 is a wine that combines distinction and structure, a good roundness and a very aromatic bouquet with subtle notes of pear and fresh almond. The Coteaux-de-Ssaumur white 2016, is elegant, richly bouqueté, all round, fruity mouth, tender and full-bodied at the same time. And always the Crémant De Loire brut rosé, ample and very fruity (ripe red berries), it is a classic and distinguished wine, harmonious. There is still their Traditional Method brut zero Dézir, all in subtle aromas, of beautiful golden hue, with nuances of well ripe fruits, with notes of linden and apricot, delicate mouth, and it also exists in crude. Discover also the Traditional Method Semi-dry red Carminal, rich in aromas of red fruits, an intense cuvée, very fresh.

Domaine de la CHAISETOURAINE Domaine de la CHAISE

Domaine de la CHAISE

Christophe et Quentin Davault
37, rue de la Liberté
41400 Saint-Georges-sur-Cher
Téléphone :02 54 71 53 08
Email :
Site :

We’ve been a winemaker for six generations. In 2004, it was Christophe’s turn to continue the tradition, Jean-Pierre being retired. And he is joined by Quentin who now represents the 7th generation.
Since 1980, 45 ha of vines have been bought or replanted, bringing the area of the estate to 59 ha of vines located on hillsides whose soils rest on tuffeau of middle Turonia or on flint clay. Many investments have been made in the cellar over the past 15 years, with a view to constantly improving the quality (thermoregulation, boiler room, pneumatic presses).
Excellent Touraine Chenonceaux rouge 2016, Côt et Cabernet, dense palate, with well melted tannins, where blend notes of ripe fruit and liquorice, very classic of this vintage, a seductive wine to open with a terrine of duck with pistachio or a cold chicken with pepper cream.
Enjoy this White Touraine Sauvignon 2017, with hints of lime and dried fruits, a persistent mouth, very balanced, combining breadth and liveliness. And we continue with this Touraine rosé 2017, vinified by pressing, of pretty orange hue, which smells apricot and strawberry, of a refreshing finish.



Michel et Stéphane Charbonnier
4, chemin de la Cossaie
41110 Châteauvieux
Téléphone :02 54 75 49 29 et 06 14 70 95 44
Email :
Site :

Third generation of winemakers, for this estate of 22 ha of vines managed in reasoned cultivation. This winemaker offers us a rich and seductive range with to begin with this Touraine cuvée du Doyen 2014, which smells the rose and the strawberry of the woods, it is a beautiful wine, mixing nervosity and roundness, with this delicately spicy touch on the palate.
Very nice Touraine Sauvignon 2017, a lot of charm by its typicity and nervousness, all in complexity of aromas, with a nice note of freshness in the finish.
Also taste the Touraine Malbec 2016, marked by this beautiful grape variety, with a smoky taste, rich mouth. The Val de Loire Pinot Noir 2017, where violet and strawberry mix, round mouth is tasted well. Lots of freshness for the Rosé De Loire Elegance 2017, fruit, and more fruit. The Traditional Touraine Fines Bulles rosé method, with the nose of blackberry, is very fragrant in the finish, perfect on fruit desserts, while the Traditional Touraine Fines Bulles white method, Creamy foam with aromas of rose and broom.

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