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Domaine de La GAUTERIEANJOU Domaine de La GAUTERIE

Domaine de La GAUTERIE

Etienne Jadeau
La Gauterie
49320 Brissac Loire Aubance
Téléphone :02 41 45 50 04 et 06 87 23 73 28
Email :
Site :

The son, grandson and great-grandson of a winemaker, Étienne Jadeau settled in 1990, just a few miles from the banks of the Loire, in the midst of windmills and castles. The 21 ha are spread out between Aubance and Layon, two rivers that snake nonchalantly in the sweet Angevin.
Tasty Anjou Clos de la Gauterie red 2014, pure Cabernet Sauvignon, matured 7 months in French oak barrels, 20 years old vines, well structured, all in nuances, soft tannins, complex nose dominated by ripe fruit, musk and the undergrowth.
Excellent Anjou red 2016, 100% Cabernet Franc, vines of 20 years, soil of sands and gravel, combining aromatic concentration, finesse of tannins and power in the mouth, a full and fat wine, with aromas of ripe fruit, slightly spicy like it must. The Cabernet D'Anjou 2016, a 30-year-old vines, with a nice salmon color, mixes roundness and persistence of aromas and collects the awards (Silver medals at the Vignerons Indépendants and Bronze contest at the Ligers contest).
Bel Anjou dry white 2015, 100% Chenin, raised in vats, all shades, nose of flowers, beautiful dress, typified, spicy with aromas of pippin and white flowers, and a sweet white Anjou 2015, pure Chenin, very aromatic, with a beautiful golden color, very elegant and intense nose, which develops delicate ripe citrus nuances on the palate. Pretty Rosé De Loire, which develops nose and mouth aromas of fresh red fruits.



Stéphane et Laurent Réal
Fontvial - 534, chemin des Pics
42560 Boisset Saint Priest
Téléphone :06 67 48 04 63
Email :
Site :

The vineyard extends over 5 hectares of Gamay vines, mainly, but also Viognier and Syrah. The property practices a reasoned culture, in a concern of respect of the soil and the traditions which are attached to it. The harvest is manual.
Excellent Côtes du Forez vintage Perrières 2015, grape variety Gamay, dark ruby color, nose overripe fruits (raspberry, blackcurrant) and humus, a wine as we like them, good structure, powerful and fragrant mouth.
IGP Urfé vintage Aldebertus 2015, Viognier grape variety, where persistent notes of ripe fruit and honeysuckle are intertwined, well rounded, well-bred like this other PGI Urfe Cuvée Poppy 2015, grape variety Syrah, smells of cooked fruits ( blackcurrant, sour cherry ...), both rich and silky, an intense and charming wine on the palate.




Prieuré royal Saint-Laurent
44650 Legé
Téléphone :02 40 26 60 95
Email :

At the top, by far. The family is since 1740 in this vineyard of 18 ha.

In 2017, Michel Morilleau harvested beautiful grapes, despite the frost that disturbed the hills (7 hl on average!). The Gros Plants have been a little less affected and are of very good quality. Sales in 2018: the Muscadets 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, in Chardonnay 2014 and the exceptional 2017. His project: to release a Vin de Table label.

Superb Muscadet 2014, with fine scents of pear and honeysuckle, all in flexibility and liveliness at the same time, a great extent in the final. The 2013 is all in nuances, complex with these notes of dried fruits and fresh apple, very seductive by its structure of aromas, very racy.
Formidable Muscadet Olympus 2016, manual harvest (4 hl / ha), with the connotations of fresh fruits and heather, fine mouth, combines freshness and flexibility, all in mouth, beautiful guard. Superb Muscadet Côtes-de-Grand-Lieu on lee 2010, with a subtle nose, a beautiful aromatic persistence, mainly dried fruits (apricot) and linden, a harmonious wine, beautiful evolution, perfect on a chicken with salt or salmon cutlets with sorrel. The Gros-Plant White Priory Royal Vieilles Vignes is a reference, the best of the appellation, classic on the nose and on the palate, with aromas of white flowers. His Chardonnay 2015, with a nose of smoke, which associates the fruit with the structure, a harmonious, complex wine of mouth (apple, fresh flowers).



Directeur : Christophe Denoël
Les Moulins-à-Vent - BP 9
58150 Pouilly-sur-Loire
Téléphone :03 86 39 10 99
Email :
Site :

Cellar of first order which vinifies 15% of the production, on Kimmeridgian soils mainly shelled (white earth), clays with flint (Saint-Andelain), Portlandian and alluvial terraces on the banks of the Loire.
You will appreciate this superb Pouilly-Fumé Tonelum 2015, matured in oak barrels, very subtle, very characteristic of its terroir, finely spiced, oily, persistent, with persistence of aromas, a wine with a subtle nose. hawthorn and musk.
Le Pouilly-Fumé The Poirier Fou 2015, which combines aromatic richness and persistence in the mouth, with notes of white flowers and hazelnut on the finish. The Pouilly-Fumé Bride 2015 is rich in bouquet, very harmonious, with nuances of dried fruits and flowers, a long finish, while Pouilly-Fumé La Baudière 2016, with a mineral nose, citrus connotations and white flowers, is all in elegance. Taste their Pouilly-sur-Loire Windmills 2016, with notes of nuts and narcissus, a beautiful expression, frank, fresh and fond, to lead to a parsley ham or a vol-au-vent fruit of sea. Le Coteau du Giennois 2014, aged in barrels with a very strong Pinot Noir dominance, with a nose dominated by prune and undergrowth, a palatable and rich wine with ripe tannins, all in the mouth.



Famille Natter
Place de l'Église
18250 Montigny
Téléphone :02 48 69 58 85
Email :
Site :
Site :

At the head of the Premiers Grands Vins Classés, in the 3 colors.
Here, on about 20 ha, we cultivate the human heat with the same care that we bring to the vines, privileging fauna and flora, the "couvant" to extract their quintessence and let them express themselves at best, during a perfectly controlled and traditional breeding. These passionate owners are committed to discovering the subtleties of their environment, their terroir and their work, so that each of their bottles is a source of conviviality.

For nearly 30 years, the Natter family has been backed by a Hmong team - from the mountains of Laos - integrated into the wine culture. It has been imbued with the unique relationship that these men and women have with the plant world. Together, they engage and participate in the establishment of a protection of local biodiversity.
In 2005, the estate won the trophy for Best Extra Small Exporter, at the fiftieth anniversary of the French exporters' club. The Regional Agricultural Commission awarded Cécile and Henry the Honor Award for "Atypical Winegrowers". The family is committed to discovering the subtleties of their terroir, their environment, their work so that their bottles are this discreet link between nature and themselves: source of wonderful conviviality.

My father, Henry Natter, the founder of
Domaine retired in 2017, says Mathilde Natter, so it's my mother Cécile, who has always taken care of the vineyard, who takes over Domaine Natter with us, my brother Vincent-Joseph and myself.
It is also my brother François-Joseph who vinified all the wines in 2017. We made the three colors in this 2017 vintage, the vegetation was early, everything was packed from the end of March, we had some cold sweats with the fear of frost ... but we were spared, thankfully. Then we enjoyed a mild and dry climate with some rainy episodes all the same.
This vintage has required a constant presence in the vineyard with constant monitoring. We started harvesting the second half of September. Pinots that were more sensitive were harvested first. The rosés have a rather pale color with notes of citrus that bring a very beautiful vivacity to the wine, the reds are on the fruit, the tannins are soft, they are very pleasant wines, the whites are extraordinarily elegant, with a lot of fruit, roundness, minerality, and freshness, in short the ideal! And besides, the whites are well typed Sancerre. nature has been generous. We continue the family adventure: despite retirement, my father continues to be with us, bringing us his experience very useful.

Splendid Sancerre cuvée François de la Grange white 2014, of a beautiful elegance and a great aromatic richness, with pronounced notes of small dried fruits and peach, all in distinction and liveliness. The red Sancerre 2014 is in the line, beautiful garnet color, delivering aromas of spices and cooked fruits, powerful and voluminous in the mouth.

The 2014 Blanc is a very beautiful vintage that is delivered with great simplicity and generosity. It is a complex wine, really marked by the "Henry Natter" label. The clay-limestone soil expresses itself perfectly. In our wines, we do not find Sauvignons type "New World" who smell boxwood, they are typed and taste very well, right now. Red 2014: a very beautiful vintage, we were able to extract more, this is due to our new winemaking method that has evolved since 2012. It brings in the wines more complexity, more material.

Formidable Sancerre Rouge l'Enchantement 2012, vinification and aging in oak barrels, intense color with black highlights, with powerful aromas of red fruits, spices, and well-coated tannins, a typical wine, which continues a promising evolution . "It is a present wine, of a nice freshness and a beautiful structure, really delicious, the aging in barrels is today completely melted, which makes a very harmonious wine, which combines power and roundness, a very nice vintage! "
The Sancerre Rouge 2015, dense on the nose and on the palate, with a powerful and persistent nose dominated by ripe wood strawberry and prune, combines finesse and structure, with tannins both rich and silky, classic of this beautiful vintage.
Their Rosé Sancerre is always the best of the appellation, of beautiful hue, with hints of orange and white flowers, full, fat. We are also under the spell of this white Sancerre 2016, from the soil of the white earth, mineral wish, very typical, where we find the nuances of ripe grapes and nuts, mouth full and nervous. Superb effervescent Anaëlle rosé secret, of great finesse, with a greedy nose, generous, full and crunchy on the palate, very refreshing.


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