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Domaine A RONCA

Marina, Marie et Alexandre Acquaviva
Route de l'Aéroport
20214 Calenzana
Téléphone :06 87 55 55 45
Email :
Site :

Created in 2006 by the friendly Marina Acquaviva, the Domaine A Ronca (A Ronca is a watercourse that crosses the vineyard) is adjacent to the Domaine de la Figarella created in 1961, by François Acquaviva and taken over by Achille, the grand- father and father of Marina. The vines are typically insular (Vermentino and Sciaccarello), and the vineyard is planted on hillsides on a soil mainly composed of granite arenas. The wines are organic.

The Domaine A Ronca ran out of water from April 2017, then experienced an intense temperature, tells us Marina Acquaviva. This results in a smaller quantity (-40%), but the harvest was very healthy and, according to her, the 2017 vintage would be close to that of 2003 in quality.
The wines sold in 2018: A Ronca 2017 in white and rosé, A Ronca red 2016, Acquaviva white 2016 and red 2015.

Remarkable Corsican wine Clos Acquaviva red cuvée Alexandre 2015, presented in a very nice bottle, aged 6 months in barrels, combines a tannic finesse with a persistent roundness, with notes of overripe wild strawberry, liquorice, a beautiful dense wine and velvety, beautiful evolution. The Clos Acquiviva white vintage Marie 2015, matured 5 months in barrels, where intermingle notes of almond, quince and heather, harmonious mouth, is sweet to the palate.
Excellent Corse-Calvi white A Ronca 2016, 100% Vermentinu, aged in thermo-regulated stainless steel vats, charming and bouquet, with nuances of ripe yellow fruits very specific, of nervous and dense mouth at the same time, perfect on red mullet fillets with ginger or glazed tomato squid.
The Corse-Calvi red A Ronca 2016, pure Sciaccarellu, typified, is fleshy, round and with a wide mouth, where dominate the plum and humus. Taste A Ronca rosé, direct pressing, subtle, with notes of rose and blackberry, combining fruity, color and long finish.


Domaine de TORRACCIA

Christian, Marc et Christophe Imbert

20137 Lecci de Porto-Vecchio
Téléphone :04 95 71 43 50
Email :
Site :

Area of ​​43 ha planted mostly old Corsican grape varieties (45 hl / ha and organic farming since 2000), on a granitic arena soil on slopes with steep slopes, facing southeast. Plowing, harvest by hand ... Christian Imbert planted more than forty years ago, on the slopes of granitic arenas facing south-east, 43 ha of vines, only in noble plants, fixing themselves as soon as possible. The goal is to create a vineyard that can produce a quality wine. On his return from Chad in 1964, he bought the Domaine de Torraccia for which he fell in love. He "démaquise", moves or destroys rocks, develops a soil that, apart from family vine, had never hosted vines. Far from the fashion of the time, he planted varieties typical of Corsica, and began the battle for the AOC Corsica, creates the UVA Corsica (in 1972), bringing together the best winegrowers bottlers.

For Marc Imbert, the 2017 is a great vintage, the harvest went well and the rosés are "the key to success", the only problem is the quantity is lower (-30%) especially for the red ones qualitatively 2 to 3 clicks, minimum, above 2016. We are still trying to progress by installing new vats and we are working on the nutritional intake that keeps the vines in perfect condition.
We are preparing a novelty: a white wine raised in barrels that will be released in 2 years. In 2018, sales are focused on the 2015 whites, the 2017 rosés, the 2013 reds, then the 2014 reds, as well as the red Oriu whose years start in 2001 and continue until 2013.

You can not help but be seduced by its superb Corsican wine Porto-Vecchio red wine Oriu 2013 Bio, 80% Niellucciu and 20% Sciaccarellu, powerful and dense mouth, with well-blended tannins, complex bouquet intermingling with notes of ripe red berries and smoked, perfect, of course, with a boar stew or a guinea fowl with olive paste, mashed chickpeas.
The white wine Porto-Vecchio Corsica Oriu 2017, marked by its variety Malvasia, is always remarkable for its aromatic finesse on the palate (white flowers and fresh grapes), with this touch of very pleasant acidity, limpid and brilliant dress, a wine all in seduction. Corsican Oriu Bio 2017 Porto-Vecchio rosé wine, 80% Sciaccarellu and 20% Niellucciu, with this nose of fresh flowers and spices, is unctuous and lively at the same time, with a nice finish, a free wine, when the Corsican wine Porto-Vecchio rosé 2017, pale pink and bright, with an intense and delicate nose of citrus fruits and fresh fruit, is all vivacious.

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