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Domaine Alain GEOFFROY

Nathalie Geoffroy - SARL Alain Geoffroy
4, rue de l'Equerre
89800 Beines
Téléphone :03 86 42 43 76
Email : info@chablis-geoffroy.com
Site : www.chablis-geoffroy.com

A family estate for 5 generations, of 50 ha. Alain Geoffroy perpetuates ancestral know-how. He knew how to surround himself with a young and passionate team to develop and perpetuate this magnificent family heritage: his wife, Cathy Geoffroy (general manager), his daughter, Nathalie (commercial manager France), the cellar manager, Cyrille Mignotte , and the export director, Pascal Sailley.
According to Nathalie Geoffroy, “the 2019 harvest was not easy. The summer was very hot and the grapes dried out a little, there was quite a lot of water stress. However, the harvest is very qualitative but reduced, 1/3 of the volume less because of the lack of water. The grapes were superb, very ripe, it was a very healthy year, no disease.
At the tasting, we find in the 2019, a pretty freshness, it is a wine on the fruit that already tastes very well, a nice vintage maybe a little less greedy than the 2018, but of a beautiful classicism, beautiful elegance, a very nice wine that reminds me of 2015 or 2017, for example.

We offer Chablis Premier Cru Beauroy 2017; Chablis Premier Cru Fourchaume 2017, very subtle and floral; Chablis Premier Cru Vau-Ligneau 2017, more tension, quite powerful, nice refreshing hint of citrus; Chablis Domaine le Verger 2018, gourmet, fruity, it is truly a solar vintage; and Petit Chablis 2018. The 2019 will be released during the year. ”

Superb Chablis Premier Cru Beauroy 2017, 100% Chardonnay, it is characterized by a nice freshness, power, lots of minerality as we like to find in Chablis wines. The 2016, complex, on the nose of fresh berries (lemon) with a dominant lime, very well balanced in acidity, a beautiful powerful and bouquety wine, which develops mineral nuances on the palate. Beau Chablis Premier Cru Fourchaume 2016, of a nice aromatic complexity where we find nuances of lemon and spices, distinguished, very beautiful persistence, ample mouth.
The Chablis Premier Cru Vau-Ligneau 2016, ample on the nose as on the palate, with almond and rose notes, it is a generous, lively wine, with this mouth both fresh and supple at the same time. There is still the Chablis Domaine le Verger 2017, 100% Chardonnay, it is elegant, all in finesse, with connotations of hazelnut and apricot and this Petit Chablis, lively and seductive.
Visit their museum of the vine and the corkscrew, where some 7000 pieces are presented there




36, route Nationale
89800 Beines
Téléphone :03 86 42 43 96 et 06 66 13 11 81
Email : sylvain.mosnier@libertysurf.fr
Site : www.chablis-mosnier.com

Sylvain Mosnier first began a career as a professor of automotive mechanics. Grandson and great-grandson of a winegrower, he seized the opportunity to settle in 1978 (at 34 years old) following the retirement of his stepfather who rented him 2 ha of vines in the Chablis appellation. His wife Monique joined him in 1995 to develop the bottle sales and computerization of the estate.
In 2005, their daughter Stéphanie left her job as a logistics engineer to take over the estate, she set up as a Young Farmer in 2007, and vinified the wines from that year. Today, the estate operates 18.5 ha made up of Petit Chablis, Chablis, and Chablis 1er Cru Beauroy and Cote de Léchet. Sylvain is retired but continues with Monique to help with marketing and trade shows.
Very beautiful Chablis Premier Cru Beauroy 2016, with accents of musk and citrus, a powerful and persistent wine, fat, beautiful dress, firm and suave, all in seduction. Very pleasant Chablis Premier Cru Côte de Léchet 2016, where there are nuances of lily and honey, combining complexity of aromas and length, with a fruit nose (quince, lemon), it is very elegant, charming and rich.
The Chablis Vieilles Vignes 2017 has aromas of citrus and white flowers, it is very good in the mouth, a classic wine, balanced in acidity, with a generous and long finish, ideal, in particular, on a salad of rice with shellfish and shellfish cake with paprika.
Also taste the Chablis 2017, a complex and round wine, remarkable for its aromatic finesse on the palate (white flowers), lively and very pleasant, and the Petit Chablis, frank and nervous, to lead to oysters or parsley eels.


Jean-Marie NAULIN


6, rue du Carouge
89800 Beines
Téléphone :03 86 42 40 95
Email : domainenaulin@orange.fr
Site : www.domaine-naulin-chablis.fr

Very nice place in the classification for this family estate of 15 ha.
Yvette Naulin is “more than satisfied with the 2018 harvest, it is superb, despite the dryness of the summer, a beautiful thunderstorm as well as a week of morning dew, made it possible to feed the grains and give us quality juices and in quantity.
For Jean-Marie Naulin, “are on sale this year, the Petit Chablis, Chablis, Chablis Premiers Crus Beauroy 2019, Fourchaume 2018 and 2019. The lack of water, he tells us, has reduced the 2019 harvest, nevertheless, the wines are stable and currently on the lees to have more aromas, they are fruity and look like wines from the previous three years. The quality is there, the quantity has not followed. ”

Superb Chablis Premier Cru Beauroy 2017, with a nose dominated by ripe fruits and small dried fruits, with a full mouth, it is a great wine of beautiful amber yellow color, which combines structure and liveliness, harmonious on the palate with nuances of apple , musk and honey, a perfect wine with, for example, a pike with chanterelles or a salmon terrine with almonds. We also have fun with this Chablis 2017, all in delicacy, where dominate citrus fruits and small dried fruits, of a beautiful finesse, all in structure and perfumes, ample and persistent, suave, where the fruits intermingle in the mouth and fresh flowers.
There is the Chablis Premier Cru Fourchaume 2016, mineral, distinctive, with a typical smoky nose, very persistent and delicate, with a nice aromatic concentration, powerful on the nose and in the mouth.
As for Petit Chablis 2017, it is very lively and fresh, perfect with granny-Smith apple cake mayonnaise or a salmon quiche, for example.

Domaine Guy ROBINCHABLIS Domaine Guy ROBIN

Domaine Guy ROBIN

Marie-Ange Robin
13, rue Berthelot
89800 Chablis
Téléphone :03 86 42 12 63
Email : contact@domaineguyrobin.com
Site : www.domaineguyrobin.com

At the head of the First Great Classified Wines. A beautiful 15 ha estate surrounding the village of Chablis and wines of great race, very marked by their own terroir, produced from some of the most beautiful plots of the appellation that Marie-Ange Robin raises with passion and talent. Manual harvesting, natural decanting of wines without adding pectolytic enzymes, alcoholic fermentation is done only with indigenous yeasts ... Great art, therefore, at very low prices!
“The 2018 and 2017 vintages are really superb, explains Marie-Ange Robin. For 2018, December 2017 and January 2018 are marked by very significant precipitation. Sources that had not given water for years have woken up. The water tables are at the highest. These conditions are crucial for the future. Indeed, after January 2018, the precipitation is almost zero. Budding in late March early April is very early. Flowering begins in mid-May, comparable to 2007 and 2011. No frost in spring or hail, unlike 2016 and 2017. The volume harvest is already looking very good. As of May, the temperatures are largely above average with heat waves in July and August. Some grapes have roasted but without consequence on the yields compared to the initial charge. The water reserves in the soil and the light rains at the end of August saved the harvest. The harvest began in early September with warm weather for the region. The maturities are excellent with sugar levels rarely reached and correct acidity.
Profile of the vintage: Very sunny vintage, you can imagine. Alcoholic fermentations are very slow and long. The wines thus fermented for 6 months. The ripe fruit dominates with toasted notes but the freshness remains thanks to the water reserves at the start of the season. The character of the Chablis terroir comes out at the end of the aging. The wines resume their salty iodine freshness. Everything happens as if the roots of the vines had drawn deep water reserves. Generous vintage in every way. Extraordinary, greedy, despite everything typified with beautiful bitters. Quite simply exceptional like the mythical 1947.
Regarding the characteristics of the 2017 vintage: the vine broke very early between late March and early April. A freeze episode takes place from April 20 to 27. After morning between -3 and -6 ° C, the damage increased a little more each day. The sectors spared in 2016 such as Lignorelles, Beines, Villy, la Chapelle are among the most frozen. Courgis, Préhy are a little less affected than in 2016. Maligny, devastated in 2016, is again. The eastern sector of Chablis completely devastated in 2016 is the least affected by the frost. The Chablis sector, whether Premiers crus or Grands crus, has frozen well. From May 15 to the end of June, it's the sun and the heat. Flowering in early June is particularly early. The summer is less hot and interspersed with stormy rains. Maturation has been delayed. Beginning of September is sunny with a certain freshness due to the North wind: ideal conditions for a nice slow ripening.
 Profile of the vintage: ideal harvest conditions with cool temperatures. Ripe but fresh and super fruity vintage. The acidities are slightly higher than in 2016. What sets 2017 apart is its purity and freshness. Everything is there, the fruity distinguished, the maritime iodine touch. This is certainly a vintage that will delight Chablis lovers. ”
She is right, and we excite her taste buds on this always grand Chablis Grand Cru Valmur 2017, which reveals an iodized touch mixed with candied fruit, combines structure and distinction, with these smoky scents very specific to the palate, where intermingle with persistent notes of ripe fruit and lily, all in the finish.
All in smoothness, all in finesse, the Chablis Premier Cru Montmains 2017, from a terroir south and south-east slope left bank of the Serein, very stony clay-limestone soil on Kimmeridgian subsoil. Vines from 30 to 45 years old, is very fragrant on the nose, with these smoky nuances, of beautiful evolution, when its Chablis Premier Cru Vaillons Vieilles Vignes 2017 is formidable with freshness and aromatic complexity, an explosive wine on the nose, beautiful freshness, beautiful minerality, with these characteristic scents of lily, rose and citrus, a full and suave wine on the palate.
How not to be seduced either by this
Chablis Premier Cru Montée de Tonnerre Vieilles Vignes 2017, with this mineral taste that its terroir gives it, of great finesse, racy, brilliant dress, all in complexity and purity, of great evolution.The Chablis Grand Cru Bougros 2016 is once again the most salivating of the range of Grands crus, is of very great typicity, with a subtle nose where flowers and dried fruits are found, very balanced and harmonious, dense and sweet , powerful, iodized on the palate, a great wine to keep, which can start to lead to a lobster or sweetbreads. Beau Chablis Vieilles Vignes cuvée Marie-Ange Robin 2016, dominated by toast and acacia, very fine, with a powerful and sweet mouth. Brighter, the Chablis Vieilles Vignes 2017, which combines notes of almond, peach and heather, a classic, with a beautiful lingering freshness.
Achetez ce vin au prix direct propriété

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