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Pierre et Jacky Bochet-Lemoine
3, rue Dom Pérignon
51480 Cormoyeux
Téléphone :03 26 58 64 11
Email : bochet.lemoine@wanadoo.fr
Site : www.champagne-bochet-lemoine.com

n this family, passion and know-how have been transmitted since the last century. Today, Pierre and Jacky perpetuate the style and the signature of the house. “Our vineyard covers an area of ​​8.5 ha in Cormoyeux, Faverolles and Coëmy. We work with the three Champagne grape varieties: Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay which allow us to produce subtle blends. ” Reasoned viticulture. Gîte available.
Excellent 2014 vintage, powerful and full-bodied, with delicate scents of peach and nuts, a certain nervousness on the palate, combining structure and finesse, a nice finish on the palate, to open on a turbot. n still appreciates this Champagne cuvée Les Grimprés 1955, with Chardonnays very well exposed, persistent and light foam, floral, fresh, with nuances of toast and apricot, rich, fruity and fresh mouth.
Their Champagne Réserve, Pinot Meunier 50%, Pinot Noir 30%, Chardonnay 20%, direct pressing of the whole harvest with fractionation of the juices. This gives this rich and attractive wine, with connotations of apple and fresh nuts, round mouth, both sweet and fresh, finely spicy, with a very elegant floral finish. Pretty rosé Champagne brut, 65% Pinot Meunier, 25% Pinot Noir and 10% Chardonnay, attractive, beautiful color, with ripe fruit nose (redcurrant, raspberry), with a delicately spicy touch, abundant foam.
Taste also the Champagne brut cuvée Sélectioninée, 50% Pinot Meunier, 30% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay, with aromas of toast and apricot, rich mouth, well balanced in acidity, nice finesse, with foam fine and distinguished, really tasty. Excellent Ratafia, ideal as an aperitif.



David Bourdaire-Gallois
28, rue Haute
51220 Pouillon
Téléphone :03 26 03 02 42
Email : bourdaire-gallois@orange.fr
Site : www.vinsdusiecle.com/champagne.bourdaire-gallois
Site : www.bourdaire-gallois.fr

David Bourdaire is warm, talented, passionate about highlighting the specificity of Pinot Meunier (who deserves it), and pursues a real qualitative policy which is bearing fruit. We knew him in his early days, supported immediately knowing that his enthusiasm would convince the most reluctant.
“The farm is mainly made up of Pinot Meunier (85%) of 40 years of average age. We have the equivalent of 1/3 of our production in reserve wines, necessary for the production of a constant Champagne from year to year. Tenth generation of winemakers but only the third to produce Champagne wines. It’s Robert Massonnot, my grandfather, who produced his first Champagne himself in 1951 following the creation of the Pouillon cooperative with two other winegrowers from the town. My parents, who started their activity in 1973 on small surfaces (my father was employed elsewhere until 1988), really started their full-time wine activity in the 1980s, in parallel with my grandparents. Following a BTA then BTS Viticulture-oenology at the Lycée Viticole de la Champagne in Avize, I settled in my turn thanks to the recovery of vines for rent in the town of Villers-Franqueux and the retirement of my grand- parents who give me some leases when their operations are transferred to my parents. Harvesting-Handling and Independent Winemaker from the 2002 harvest. The use of phyto-pharmaceutical products is ultra-moderate and reasoned (practice of under-dosing and only if necessary) thanks to the use of pneumatic equipment considerably reducing the use of products and water consumption per hectare. This process extends to vinification, where the use of CO2 makes it possible to considerably reduce the use of sulphites (SO2) for the protection of oxidation. ”

“Here are the Champagnes that we are offering in 2020, says David Bourdaire: Tradition (base 2015), Reserve cuvées, Prestige and Blanc De Blancs (base 2014), brut Rosé and our novelty, 2008 vintage aged in oak barrels, a Champagne fresh, beautiful maturity. Our Champagnes are all Extra-brut and not dosed, which brings out the expression of the terroir.
The 2019 harvest has given us superb quality, lots of fruit, decent acidity and great potential. It will be another great Champagne. ”
This winemaker delights us with his remarkable Champagne Millésime 2007, always very typical of the terroir, of a very beautiful color, combining charm and structure, all in structure and fragrances, on the nose of fresh small fruits, an unmeasured, dense and very persistent cuvée. , Very fresh and lively on the palate.
All in nuances, its brut rosé, not also dosed, is very floral, subtly spicy, seductive by its delicacy of aromas, which one can lead to seafood tarts or a Caribbean crab.
Excellent raw Blanc De Blancs, part of which is vinified in barrels, it smells of musk, pippin apple and hawthorn, very seductive on the nose and in the mouth, with notes of hazelnut on the finish, perfect, for example, on oysters or marinated raw salmon. Beau Prestige not dosed, 40% Pinot Meunier, 40% Chardonnay, 20% Pinot Noir, from rich loamy soils, which develops delicious buttered aromas, lively, fine and complex mouth with fresh citrus flavors, where there are nuances of ripe grape and nuts, all flavors. Its Tradition, 100% Pinot Meunier, is a great success, a fresh cuvée, elegant foam, all in the end, a very salty Champagne that makes you salivate. Taste the brut Réserve (very pretty screen-printed bottle), suave, all in subtlety.



8, rue de L'Abbaye - BP 66
51130 Vertus
Téléphone :03 26 52 26 73
Email : champagne.bourgeois.boulonnais@hexanet.fr
Site : champagnebourgeois.wixsite.com/champagne-bourgeois

Owner-Harvester-Handler on 5.5 ha, for several generations. Thierry Brisson (son-in-law) joined the estate to take care of the vines, winemaking and marketing.
You will appreciate, like us, their beautiful Champagne brut Blanc De Blancs Premier Cru Vintage 2012, a beautiful yellow robe with green reflections typical of Chardonnay, with brioche notes, a powerful and bouquetful cuvée. Pretty brut Blanc De Blancs Premier Cru, pure Chardonnay, elegant, with scents of lily, lemon and nuts, golden robe, powerful mouth, melted, all in length. Also taste the brut Premier Cru rosé, it is full-bodied, with a concentrated nose dominated by rose and ripe stone fruits, abundant foam, very well proportioned, combining structure and finesse, with a powerful mouth. The brut Grande Réserve Premier Cru, pure Chardonnay, with a fine and floral nose, reveals a balanced, powerful and fresh mouth, it is a beautiful very tasty Champagne, with delicate and complex scents (tangerine, toast), ample on the palate. Excellent Virtues Premier Cru Vintage, a pretty golden robe, very fine, fruity mouth, a beautiful harmony, with aromas of hazelnut and quince. And the brut Premier Cru, with nuances of grapefruit, ample mouth, it is a very harmonious Champagne.



Marion Boutillez et Jean-Michel Sourdet
21, rue Pasteur
51380 Villers-Marmery
Téléphone :03 26 97 92 10 et 06 71 04 81 76
Email : champagne-boutillezmarchand@orange.fr
Site : www.champagne-boutillez-marchand.fr

The farm covers 6.40 ha, thanks to the confidence of its donors. All plots are located in the village of Villers-Marmery. They are planted 97% in Chardonnay and 3% in Pinot Noir. Family business created by Robert Boutoulez and his wife Françoise Marchand, taken over by his son Joël Boutoulez. Hence the creation of the R. Boutoulez-Marchand brand in 1960.
Marion, her daughter, has been officially managing the operations since 2001, with Jean-Michel Sourdet since 2007. Both from different professions, they are adapting to turn around this company dear to their hearts, thanks to their complementarity and their complicity.

“Our sales in 2020, says Marion Boutoulez, are our Champagne 2007, the Blanc De Blancs 2008, the classic Blanc De Blancs (blend of several years based on 2015), the Blanc De Blancs Ecrin n ° 1 (100% Chardonnay aged in oak barrels, C hampagne rosé (90% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot Noir), and our Ratafia (100% Chardonnay to which marc and fine Champagne are added) and aged in oak barrels.
Despite some concerns of powdery mildew, the 2019 harvest went well, the wines have a good acidity. After the malo, we will know if we can vintage it, it depends on its length on the palate, the fruitiness and the acidity. ”

Pleasure for the eyes and the taste buds with the Blanc De Blancs Champagne Ecrin n ° 1 Oak cask, 100% Chardonnay from the Villers-Marmery region. A cuvée produced jointly with the Tonnellerie de Champagne and the bouchonnier Oller, both “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”. It is vinified and matured on lees in oak barrels and has only 1,514 copies. The bottle is beautiful, feminine, just like inside, it is an attractive wine with a clear, golden color, fine bubbles, great complexity and finesse, very nice Chardonnay typicity, fruity, maturity, generosity , very tasty creamy notes, a prestigious Champagne to accompany refined dishes.
We also like the 2008 vintage, harmonious, pretty golden color, a very structured cuvée, of great freshness, which gives off a light foam, mainly of rose, pear and almond, a beautiful aromatic persistence, slightly honeyed, combining elegance and structure.
The brut Blanc De Blancs, aged for 10 months on lees in stainless steel tanks, and 3 years on lees in the cellar, marked by notes of almond and honeysuckle on the finish, is ideal with a turbot or on a rice cake with fresh fruit , for example. Excellent rosé Champagne, with a salmon hue, marked by aromas of ripe strawberries, a tasty and very fragrant cuvée, with a light and round mouth at the same time. The Ratafia (very nice bottle) is really very tasty, it smells of yellow fruits and honeyed nuances, always very pleasant as an aperitif.

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