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Chablis Guy Robin

Very popular for its Montée de Tonnerre and Valmur wines, Domaine Guy Robin offers splendid vintages, from the best terroirs that Guy Robin knew how to choose, at the time, to constitute his Domaine. His daughter, Marie-Ange Robin, took over, showing great professionalism.
On terroirs that offer a wide range of aromatic subtleties, she produces very distinctive wines, with respect for authenticity and nature, imprinting the "paw" of Domaine Guy Robin.
"We respect nature, Marie-Ange Robin tells us, and control the good health of our vines, treat sparingly, wishing to keep all the richness of our terroirs. I bring the whole management of the vineyard up to date, sometimes upsetting the old habits, having a real reflection on the environment, and I share my vines and my wines.
We work "old-fashioned" while preserving quality in our land but also in our wines. My old vines (80% of Domaine Robin) produce low yields, I do not "push" them to produce more, I have quality requirements that motivate my decisions. I want at all costs a reasoned culture, put my vines back to order. Honoring nature and quality, it is a respect for our land, for our customers, to whom I am very close. The Domaine Guy Robin has invested in new skips for the grape harvest, a sorting belt as well as in the purchase of thermo-regulated vats and about fifteen new barrels. We try, from year to year, to continue to progress towards quality.

Grands Crus

Valmur 2017: immediately, the nose gives a feeling of maturity with solar notes of caramelized apple mixed with praline and candied orange. Fresher, spicy, star anise and especially candied orange on the palate. Salivating freshness, smoothness. Leaping wine. Great wine.

Vaudésir 2012: golden yellow color. Delicate, very chalky and spicy nose with white pepper notes. Floral notes after aeration on the rose. Supple and lively at the same time. Toasted hazelnut finish. Wine all in lace.

Blanchot 2016: pale golden color with beautiful green reflections. First super cool but who has a hard time giving himself. Incense and juniper notes appear after aeration. It’s the most invigorating Grand Cru. The wood asks to merge. Full wine as wide as it is long.

Bougros 2016: golden robe dominated by green reflections. Lots of personality and originality. The nose is less easily affordable than Blanchot or Vaudésir. Notes between elderflower, violet and more marine kelp notes. Hyper tense, the most salivating of all. He still asks to open. Back to the gun. Approaches to the style of certain Preuses. Looks like nothing but a Chablis. Tall. Identity.

The Premiers Crus

Vaillons 2017: crystal clear dress. Nose of extraordinary purity. A bouquet of flowers accompanied by notes of fine citrus zest. The mouth is in continuity with an aniseed minty frame that invigorates everything. Very gourmet wine.

Vaillons 2016: green golden dress. Immediate sensation of concentrated ripe fruit, stewed vine peaches, plum, lychees and Floral notes of rose. Very gourmet wine with delicacy. The mouth is just as fruity as the nose. Ends on rhubarb and apricot.

Montmains 2017: golden dress. Very powerful and sunny nose. A touch of coconut mixed with the terroir of Butteaux which always comes out with the oily marly aspect. The wood is present but goes perfectly. After the Chablis, the length and the power is frankly enormous.

Montée de Tonnerre 2017: green golden dress. Elegance and mineral purity is what immediately appeals. For the moment, the whole is very Floral with fine flinty notes in the background. Much more severe and salivating than Montmains with less integrated woodland at the moment. A block of mineral purity. All in delicacy. Great becoming.


Chablis Cuvée Marie-Ange 2017: golden robe more pronounced than the classic Chablis. Nose on a different register with grilled hazelnut, orange blossom, brioche. The attack is more powerful and ends with a candied mixture of caramelized apple and apricot. The mouth is hopping and very delicious.

Chablis 2017: golden dress. The whole appears more iodized on the nose. On the other hand, the palate is more fruity, more pleasant, smoother and more salivating.

Petit Chablis 2017: nose dominated by solar notes between pear, acacia flower and notes of light tobacco. Dynamic mouthwatering mouthfeel with an anise lemony touch.

Domaine Guy ROBIN

Marie-Ange Robin
13, rue Berthelot
89800 Chablis
Téléphone : 03 86 42 12 63
Email : contact@domaineguyrobin.com
Site : www.domaineguyrobin.com






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